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    It seems as if sometimes we have to spam the thread to get them to notice an apparent issue. We are all here to play a game & we shouldn’t have to deal with people submitting fake locations, especially more than once. Because from the looks of it the original thread showed that fake POI were removed & then were resubmitted again & accepted & were reported again which is ridiculous to say the least. We deserve better than that

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    If accounts would get banned for submitting fake poi & spoofing this wouldn’t be happening. I am sure if you remove a spoofers account completely that they aren’t going to just do it again. Because all of the work they put into that spoofing account would then be gone. It is what needs to happen & it’s what needs to happen to those submitting fake locations as well. Please Niantic staff, escalate this matter

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    Spamming inside a single discussion -> okay

    Spamming in multiple discussions -> annoying

    I don't really want to blame any mod for it, they cant change the wayfarer system. In this case, you would need to spam this to the administration of Niantic. Even if Casey got the possibility to talk to them, he is still not able to do what he wants.

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    I mean to spam to get John Hanke to notice. If he notices the problem will get fixed

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    They already responded and promised changes, no need for daily posts at this time.

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    Regardless I completely stand by the idea to create threads daily to get a point across. Especially under these circumstances. I complete stand by the idea. No one said this, good work guys. If no one says something nothing gets done about it. It takes a lot to stand up & be the one to do what you done so I commend you wholeheartedly

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    We've been asking ever since the form was introduced for some of these changes: getting a copy of our report sent to our email, ability to submit actual evidence, having a "ticket" system to provide followup, and being alerted when it is closed.

    Ever since people have requesting removal requests and/or reporting abuse on the Wayforum (and even the previous channels on the Ingress forum) we've asked for better ways to remain anonymous.

    Why did it take until now for you to open up discussions with other Niantics on this? We've said it would lead to this type of harassment and even provided examples before, this is just the first time it has been hyper visible that somebody was bold enough to bring the threads to the Wayforum. It will not be the last.

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    Been a while since we've heard anything about the update to this form. In the month since your post, we haven't seen any comment about Niantic's efforts to improve abuse reporting and, in fact, have seen @NianticGiffard admit a problem (but we already knew that) and then later clarify that reports are prioritized differently.

    Requests for modification of this form are not new.

    Let's remember that edits were "temporarily" deactivated in June 2020. What was supposed to take 1 month took nearly 3 months. When edits were re-enabled, they could only be posted as requests in the Wayforum, and we know how that turned into a mess. It took over a month for then-appeals moderator @NianticKN-ING to finally reject them all before later being told to reasess them. A month later (September) edits were rolled into the abuse form.

    In October, allegedly you & team at least knew we were unhappy with the process.

    Months later, it's still a hot mess. Is any of this actively being addressed, and can we expect any sort of timeline on this? None of your recent updates have included any insight if this is even still being looked at.

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    Whats about the Wayfarer advocate idea you named? Honestly, there are a lot of trustworthy wayfarers being active here every day. Many appeals are easily rateable for users that actively checked others appeals for a week. Telling people that they cant appeal rejected PokeStop submissions is also easy and also clear. All of this is easily handleable for the community. Also, the General spam/duplicate posts could get deleted/moved by some members.

    I think since Wayfarer is an own (somerimes understandebly frustrating) part which is essencial for the games and the database, you should really put more into the community. Giving people a Chance of trying out as "Non-Niantic" helpers sounds great in my mind.

    If the forum Forum really is that understaffed, think about it. It would for sure work if the Power goes to the right people.

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    I can honestly say that myself I have noticed that the Niantic staff has made strides forward in the passed few months. Thank you @Gendgi-PGO & @LukeAllStars-PGO for asking both of those questions. The answers that ensued are ones that I had wondered about myself as well

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    The problem if we're pushing this all to the portal is that it's a very long process for something we see a LOT of. On a given day of reporting, I may create 6-12 abuse tickets. Right now, it's a very easy process to fill out the abuse form. If it's not that fast on the new system, it's going to be problematic from a time perspective.

    The number of abusive submissions is sky-high right now. Submitters need to be suspended/banned from the system. Then the problem starts to solve itself; remove problematic submitters, number of abuse reports goes down.

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    Thanks a bunch for the updates, Casey. I echo @GearGlider-ING sentiment - these updates are very appreciated.

    I also agree with the concerns @AisforAndis-ING raised. Even if some of them weren't brought into consideration so far, I hope that the new abuse report system will be updated to accommodate them in the near feature.

    In any case, looking forward to May 1st.

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    That's disappointing to hear. The update is appreciated, though.

    I do have a couple of questions:

    Is there any estimate (as rough as it may be) to when this new system might launch? Also, is it gonna be available via the Wayfarer website, via an outside source (like the Google form), or rather in-game?

    Additionally - speaking of the Google form - are the reports made via the form gonna be reviewed by the abuse team after the new system launches, or should we stop using the form now/at some point before the new system launches?

    Looking forward to next week's update.

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    I love how this never made it past Day 1

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    Merging the abuse form into your crappy in-app support that doesn't listen to anything said to them? Not the best idea @NianticCasey-ING. Not wayfarer related but I've had to report a particular account for using my real-world name with "the___l00zer" appended to it and each time I try to tell your support that getting them to change their name doesn't do anything (they just change it to some new variation of "isagoof" or "isal00zer"), and have forwarded the likely culprits behind it, I've basically been met with "yeah we've taken note" then nothing ever happens.

    Your in-game support is awful. My experience has been literally the most bottom-of-the-barrel when it comes to game support. When I can state clearly "hey this person is using my real-world name in-game to follow and try to be threatening to me" and support either goes "it does not violate Trainer Guidelines lol" or "we have taken note" and nothing happens anyways, its kinda silly and disgraceful.

  • Hey folks,

    Apologies for the delay in update here, I was hoping to be able to provide a progress update with some actual progress but unfortunately we are still working on the updates to the abuse form and appeals process on our side.

    To address @SiIverLyra-PGO's questions from this thread:

    • Is there any estimate (as rough as it may be) to when this new system might launch? Unfortunately, I don't have any idea on when this might launch, although we are aiming for mid-June.
    • Will this be available via the Wayfarer website, via an outside source (like the Google form), or rather in-app? This will be hosted on the Wayfarer Help Center for now with the longer-term goal of building it into the Wayfarer site itself.
    • Are the reports made via the form gonna be reviewed by the abuse team after the new system launches, or should we stop using the form now/at some point before the new system launches? No change right now, the reports from the form will be cleared out once the new process launches and we'll close off the form to new responses when the time comes.

    Finally, I wanted to address @Thesacrikiller-ING@TheSFCaptain-PGO's feedback about their experience with in-app support. I'm sorry to hear that you've had a subpar experience working with that team. I'll be taking your feedback to the appropriate internal team to address. The team that will be addressing and replying to these reports is the same team that works on these reports in the form or appeals in this forum, the process by which they receive and address these reports would be the only thing that changes.

    Thanks for your patience and apologies again for the delay!

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    Thank you for answering my questions, much appreciated.

    Mid-June is encouraging, even if it's just an estimate. I'm hoping you'll update us again if there'll be another delay.

    I do wonder if the new system will accommodate reports of multiple instances of abuse that are linked to each other and provide context for each other, or rather if it'll be a single-wayspot system like the current one. I find that the mass cases are often the hardest to report efficiently, and often the ones that attract the most "unpleasantness" when reporters resort to posting them here on the forum.

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