How am I supposed to know which photo does not meet the criteria?

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Dear NIA and @NianticCasey-ING , how am I supposed to know which photo meets criteria or not in cases such as the examples below? I know nothing of these places and there isn’t even a description or a map link available.

PS Remember when you (not personally) messed up the double nominations a little over a year ago and people who used all their double nominations went into minus numbers for two weeks? Remember when you (personally) promised to make up for this error, hinting of another batch of double nominations for Ingress and PoGo players which hopefully would not to into negative numbers? Yeah, thought so… so here’s a reminder of that.


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    All photos which got a good quality are valid, don't matter what angle. All you need to do is to reject invalid photos.

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    And they need to be of the thing actually described as the wayspot. I get a fair number where there are 1-2 that match the description and then one of something random, often part of a person.

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    i will not find the photo real example now and location, but look at example situation:

    photo card. not my language, not my country

    description: "monument of dog"

    address given, but map is not clickable, image only.

    photo1 - dog on the stone

    photo2 - monument of somebody famous probably

    hmmm, abuse? lets check

    i do copy an address into google map, click street view and look... i see photo2 images taken on 2020. i click street view around and ups... i see on one image **** of photo1, check image date - 2017.

    ok, in real there was a dog on the stone, and someone proposed a fresh photo - new monument build on that place.

    i cant comment the review. i just need to choose, - the photo, which complains to the description or real today view. or if the description is abstract let it be "monument". what to choose...

    there can be other situation, when photo edit of newly portal. description is monument for somebody probably locally famous, and i see on google maps an animal on the stone, i go to google search, find, that the monument was build in 2020 but not yet on street view. i find the photo of famous is correct, but if all reviewers will check the google on foreign language for the new view?


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    Thse sorts of things has me baffled for a while too, I've had Waypoints with very different photos and was not clear as to what Niantic wanted from us, was this some osrt of review of photos associated with a Waypoint or what, or is it just looking at photos "in isolation".

    Eventually, I decided it must purely be "photos in isolation" having looked aeveral times at the review criteria that is directly linked to the page. At these the correct photos of the Portal or not? - makes no difference. Just review the photos according to the criteria Niantic provide and look out for the odd sneaky numberplate in the background.

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