Ban for incorrectly reviewing incorrect or inappropriate titles/descriptions, existing Wayspots



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    Well, I am around 700 below you. So if we should expect more than 700 people with a 30-day-ban I think we could say: It is not possible that we all reviewed the same trap. Of course I am not sure if the mail-number from Niantic is relevant.

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    Von: Mayson <[email protected]>


    Antwort an: Niantic Support <>

    An: MF51Koni

    Datum: 03.05.2021, 21:43

    Betreff:Re: [13234849] Message from Niantic




    i didnt review anything last month. 15k+ reviews done, always green/excellent rating in my profil. i dont understand this 30 days ban and also the threat to suspend my pokemon go account without knowing what we did wrong.

    Region: Wiesbaden / Hesse

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    I got the same reply. I just mentioned the European Commission's privacy information act in my next reply. Let's see how they respond.

  • Zappi75-PGOZappi75-PGO Posts: 8 ✭✭✭

    I bet it’s the faulty bad word filter. As example, the german word for birds (Vögel) is on this list cause it’s also used colloquial for the **** word

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    I have send an e-mail with a request to send me all data they have stored on my wayfarer account. Maybe this will help to find out what caused the ban.

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    i am from Hessen, Germany, too, and neither did i or my sons get the email.

    @Zappi75-PGO you cannot submit anything that has "Vögel" in the text.

    As we have alot of "Vogelpfad" (Birdtrail) i know that Vogel will pass.

  • Xmacke7x-INGXmacke7x-ING Posts: 220 ✭✭✭✭

    I know a person who got the ban who never did an edit. She only reported one invalid Wayspot.

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    The intransparancy is a huge problem.

    We do not know why we got those bans. How can we react to this. The mail threatens to ban my Pokemon go account. I can not guarantee to stop the action which causes the ban because I do not know what I did wrong. Until I know I will not do a review again.

    On the side note: All things indicate that this is problem of either translation or oversensitive filter which causes those bans. Only German speaking eviwers or reviewers who regulary get German nominations have reported these bans. Many experienced reviewers are affected. I haves reviewed over 20000 nominations and always have had the best possible rating with over 70% agreement rate. I think I would notice inappropriate descriptions or titles.

    I filled a bug report maybe those who are affected by these bans can upvote the thread if it appears.

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    This tread has 1.5k views and not a single reaction from Niantic...

    Fellow wayfarers, you know what this means and you decide by yourself how to react to this unacceptable behavior from Niantic!

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    Niantic could be on holiday today. Just wait a while until @NianticCasey-ING circles back with some insights (or sighs)

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    Maybe a "funny" case of how to get this E-Mail too.

    First of all I´m not affected right now, but I just got a submission which might cause the problem to recieve this kind of Mail.

    "Vögeln", the german plural of "bird" (Vogel) is on the blacklist for no good reason. Right now it you can´t submit oder edit a text to contain this word but if its a older submission, this might work and maybe submissions like this cause it that the judges on these kind of submissions get a E-Mail warning.

    PS: I know that "vögeln" is also a slang word for sex, but the straigt number of cases this is abused in submission might be one in a few hundreds compared to the cases when this would be rigth...

    I´m sure in way over 1000 cases when someone submits a wildlife infoboard e.g. about the birds of this forest wich might also be official titelt/labeled "Den Vögeln auf der Spur" - "On the birds trail" (<- might sounds strange in english but absolutely common in german) they can´t submit this with the official titel, because of the strong text filter just to block this one in a thousand cases. Thats a inappropiate overblocking in my view.


    PPS: I one-stared the submission for its text beacause it location was obviosely faked anyway but I dont want to risk anything.

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    Nice cover Up.. From operators..

    No answer here but delete some discussions, cause it can be that is the truth or a Bug. 🧐🧐🧐.

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    i missunderstand one thing here: if they can multiban people (by script i believe) for some text accepted somewhen long ago, as some people, getting this, says they did not review for a time. why they did not ban that text in the submitting stage? it seems to me, that one inattentive filter admin or programmer just failed to do his work well, the then the boss identified it, and said to do something with it. and they solved the problem by placing their responsibility on reviewers. and i will believe in this thesis until they explain the point.

    as for me - i'm newbie so far, and i was certain, that the banned words list - is the list of already banned words, they will not appear mb only local obvious jargon easy understandable for native speakers. and i do not need to find it, and learn by heart it. (and if you have the link - please share it for me)

    on the other side - they say they will not uncover it, in this situation i would not too. if they do this - they get massive flame of interpretations and arguments. so, sounds like there will be a honeyspot of honeyspots for text edits, and if you do not have strong degree in linguistics - you just can lose your game account. review in fear.

    more you do more you get. i get 4day bans, but i'm just 1st month behind the wheel, and you are much more longer, so, take your reward 😉

  • Thyron1992-INGThyron1992-ING Posts: 28 ✭✭✭

    Same here 10 more ppl come and say they have bans for 10,30 days..

    Feedback would be good..

    Support is sleeping?😴

  • ZeuLan111-PGOZeuLan111-PGO Posts: 2 ✭✭

    Good to see that you guys check into the issue thanks. My account also got banned for 30 days due to this.

    Thanks for reaching out.

  • sogNinjaman-INGsogNinjaman-ING Posts: 3,313 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Then again, it is just another one of those Niantic "I've got a great idea guys" to follow on from the highly sucessful 4Square Brothel upload?

    "Guys, how about this? If we give lots of players a temporary submission ban for a month for some random reason, it will take some of the pressure off the submissions queue and we won't have to admit the submissions list is full. We can test it in Germany and Austria. How about it?"

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    Little update, i just received another mail from the support:

    Per our database, we can confirm that you have violated our policies while previously reviewing incorrect or inappropriate titles/descriptions for existing Wayspots that do not meet our criteria. As a result, we have notified you about it after our investigation.

    Please ensure that further violations are not continued while reviewing Wayspot edits which may lead to the suspension of your Pokémon GO account.

    I still have no clue what is going on. Hopefully @NianticGiffard will shed some light on this 👀

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