CURIOUS case of NOT reading the info? or just not bothering to look properly?

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nominated a series of stops that are part of a verified walk/run route rejection was due to Seasonal status ( umm WHAT???? )

I expect the rest to be rejected because people are NOT looking at the supporting info. go figure.

I like the part that says and i quote

They are completely free of charge and can be done at any time to suit you,

  • Our 5km run/walks are an extremely convenient way to get into walking or running. They are completely free of charge and can be done at ANY TIME to suit you*

seasonal? really PMSL

Ok enough laughing at the reviewers LOL.

can the grown ups now look at it and advise pls.

i know i tend to argue but this time its a VERIFIED all year round trail so how the hell has it be rejected lol.

constructive comments only pls .

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    Could you show us one full of your nomination (with screenshot from wayfarer that will show both photos, all text, location and screenshot of rejection mail)? It would help to give you more accurate answer. And are you sure you only get one rejection reason?

    @NianticGiffard or @NianticAtlas could you please move this thread to Nomination Improvement part of forum? It looks like it will fit better in Nomination Improvement :)

    But to tell the truth, these markers might looks to some people as temporary markers, as they look on your photo like something attached for a short time (attached to the sign with an elastic band or a cable tie - they look as if they can be moved at any time). And your website doesn't really talk much about these trials, there is only link to map of these trials, that don't show much too, maybe it wasn't enough for some reviewers.

    But again, without seeing your full nomination, it's hard to tell you anything.

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    Do the markers represent a uniquely identifiable section of the trail (such as a start or end points of a trail, trail access points, etc.)? Is the trail separate from other footpaths, such as common sidewalks? Does the trail have a name? Trail markers themselves are not intrinsically eligible, but they can be used as anchors to represent a distinct section of trail they are on.

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    Looks like a temporary sign placement to me, held on with a cable ties

    I would consider this a marker for an event, not a named trail. There are multiple "routes", all with the same generic title, not a trail name. If this marker said, for example, "Brandon Walk / Run Route", that would be different.

    I'd give this a low score.

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    Held on by a zap strap looks pretty temporary to me

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    That looks permanent enough me, given the types of signs my council use for walking routes are often flimsy plastic held on to posts, or even stickers, and I live in the UK too.

    To me, although marker might not be designed to last for 50 years, its clearly not paper, and will last quite some time. Event markers are usually just arrows on sticks put in the ground, tape, or paper/card, or freestanding sign boards. I know that because I'm often right at the back of events and the staff tail runner is collecting them up by hand as I pass them lol

    As long as the trail itself is permanent and the marker would be replaced if it was worn out then I'm happy to accept it (after all the trail marker represents the trail, so to me, the trail is the bit that needs to be permanent, the marker needs to be robust enough to last some time but doesn't have to last forever if it would be periodically renewed)

    I think the thing is, people do not like trail markers universally. They're always hit and miss, even the best ones. The ones that get through are usually ones that look a bit different.

    I'm lucky-ish to have found 3 in my area for a waterways route that's named and has a really nice swan picture on all the markers, although they are in very bad condition so they are hard to nominate nicely. However the standard council signs for a massive named trail that's roughly 300km long and on the other side of the river are sort of 50/50 as to accept or reject even though they clearly show the trail name, probably because the style of them is a normal footpath green and yellow marker.

    Definitely post your whole submission so we can help improve it as much as possible. Can't guarantee acceptance but can try to give it the best chance to show if its eligible.

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    Your post seems to be about the "seasonal" rejection so I will just address that. The choice I have as a reviewer is a line item for temporary or seasonal display. They must just send "seasonal" in the email. I assume it was rejected as "temporary" because of the way it is attached. You have to take the rejection emails with a grain of salt and try to figure out what it was reviewers had a problem with.

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    Ok it does look temporary, anything held on by cable / zip ties does look temporary even if it isn't.

    As the poster above stated the season part of the rejection email just means people think its temporary not that it is just seasonal.

    Now i vaguely remember a news article years ago about this, so I know the idea of the run walk route is permanent, and checking it there is a news report online for it from a few years ago, which you may want to link to in the support statement, to prove its been around years.

    Having said that, im also not sure that the route always stays the same and isn't changed slightly yearly, hence my above comment that the idea of it is permanent.

    If you have a web link to prove its permanence you may have better luck, you may even succeed with just the news article link.

    Without it its going to be a tough sell

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    The link you shared features a photo of people clearly gathered for an organized run... I can see why reviewers might be inclined to believe that this marker is a temporary one put up for a specific event rather than a sign for a permanent route. The sign being cardboard-brown and the zip ties don't help either.

    I would suggest you include something like "This is a permanent [metal, plastic, ??] sign, erected in 2017 by the West Suffolk Council" in the supporting info.

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    i did submit some with distance markers e.g 2km 5 km etc but i will endeavour to locate the start and finish ones as that may prove the catalyst to getting them accepted?

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    and i take on board all what has been said by replies and agree it may be the way its submitted and or the fact some things like cable ties can sway an opinion

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    have found another site that references the run walk routes.

    The free to use route, is designed for maximum accessibility and convenience to encourage a broad range of participants and groups, particularly those who would not normally take part in organised physical activity, by being able to walk or run the route on any day of the week at any time of the day.

    would this actually persuade reviewers though??

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    it directly references the route i nominated too but just curious if this post link would sway opinion?

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