I've seen references in previous posts about the acception/rejection criteria around flagpoles needing to have a plaque etc. to be a valid waypoint, but don't see what they were referencing in the guidelines.

Do flagpoles need a plaque or something else making them notable for them to be considered? If so, what would be the rejection criteria? Too generic?


  • LukeAllStars-INGLukeAllStars-ING Posts: 4,593 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Yes flag poles are ineligible. This also got prooved by Niantic in this forum quite a while ago,

  • AInitak-PGOAInitak-PGO Posts: 2 ✭✭

    Got it, that's what I thought. Thanks for the insight.

  • KetaSkooter-INGKetaSkooter-ING Posts: 160 ✭✭✭

    There was an AMA answer quite a while ago where Niantic said that flag poles weren't necessarily eligible (a generic flag doesn't make a generic pole eligible). That said nothing is concrete and if the submitter makes a good enough argument that a particular flag pole warrants a place to explore then it would be eligible.

  • Gendgi-PGOGendgi-PGO Posts: 2,960 Ambassador

    I think I get what you're going for, but a single generic thing (a flagpole) shouldn't try and be upsold like that.

    However, I could see a case for a group of a dozen or so flags representing inclusion and/or different countries being eligible or a memorial associated with a flagpole being eligible.

  • TheZodiac007-PGOTheZodiac007-PGO Posts: 815 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I’ve had good luck only when submitting multiple flag poles together as mentioned above. All of the ones that I submitted also had monuments as well with them either dedicated to notable people within the society or veterans. Either way though, if you try it I wish you luck. If you have one get accepted please post on this thread to help others learn. Heck, feel free to post if it gets denied too honestly. It all helps others learn. We’re all here to learn. None of us know it all

  • KetaSkooter-INGKetaSkooter-ING Posts: 160 ✭✭✭
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    How about a flag pole that marks a mountain summit. 3 summits where I live have a flag portal that we approved.

  • Gendgi-PGOGendgi-PGO Posts: 2,960 Ambassador

    Probably? I suspect there's an elevation marker on it, as well, or some sort of other unique association to the mountain. Even without a marker, the flagpole would be a physical "placeholder" for the mountain summit, which would otherwise be a "natural feature." Using a flagpole as a placeholder for a plaza or even a city would hold less ground.

  • Oakes1923-PGOOakes1923-PGO Posts: 418 ✭✭✭✭

    This has come up in the picnic area vs picnic table argument.

    Picnic Areas, especially (but not exclusively) those that have signage or are specifically named, are eligible. But a single generic picnic table, or a small group of tables is not eligible. The latter would be considered a generic or mass produced object. The former would be considered a valid POI as it is a great spot to socialize or explore outdoors.

    In regards to flagpoles, it may be a major subject of the submitted picture but it should not be considered the POI itself. It is simply the anchor for the POI, like a mountain summit.

    Here's another example, popular restaurants are generally considered decent candidates for a POI, especially if they are unusual or very popular. But said restaurant may be located in a very generic building. The building would likely never qualify for a POI without the restaurant but the picture of the Wayspot could certainly be of the building (and the sign).

    POI's need a real world anchor. Flagpoles make good anchors for POI's but lousy POI's.

  • TheZodiac007-PGOTheZodiac007-PGO Posts: 815 ✭✭✭✭✭

    i’ve had a couple of these get accepted but for me it’s because of what supports the flag pole such as a monument dedicated to notable members of the community & another that is dedicated to all veterans. I think it all depends on what is near the flag pole & of course how well it is written including title, description & supporting info. Honestly, I firmly believe that if something sounds & seems professional enough. Nearly anything can be submitted. It is how you portray it to the reviewer that gets it accepted & the information provided selling your nomination to whomever reviews it. I have noticed that uniqueness always helps as well. If there’s any way that I can give anyone a better idea or just even give my opinion feel free to message me. I don’t mind at all giving a second opinion, or third or fourth. It doesn’t matter to me. I’m here to help if needed or give as much advice as I can

  • RamenNoods2go-PGORamenNoods2go-PGO Posts: 4 ✭✭

    I agree with my BFF, regular plain flagpoles are to be rejected... but they can somehow meet one of the criteria if they are unique, artistic or historical. So yeah, they do need a plaque or something that makes them eligible, but just having a plaque doesn't make it eligible, eligibility needs to be portrayed in the nomination.

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