Ban for incorrectly reviewing incorrect or inappropriate titles/descriptions, existing Wayspots



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    I agree with you. Without knowing what I did wrong, I will not review again. In the bug section @NianticCasey-ING posted the following statement.

    "Hi there,

    Thanks for surfacing. We recently took action against a group of users who were working together to submit and approve abusive edits to manipulate Wayspot titles. Although I can't confirm without any specific usernames to review, it's likely that this is what these users are experiencing."

    If this is the reason we voted infavor of somekind of abusive title edits. What we do not know by this statement, how many times you need to vote infavor of the abuse edit to get the ban. If it was one time, I think the ban is to harsh and the risk getting another ban with more severe consequences would be to risky for me reviewing again. I did more than 20000 reviews. I have 70% agreement rate. Still I do mistakes. Everyone does mistakes. But if we get punished for those mistakes without the chance to know what we are punished for and to protest the punishment, it is a slap in the face.

    This might be a topic for a seperate thread.

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    @Mernie9-ING Because that went so well last time they tried it?

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    ...for better visibility

    Still waiting for an explanation from Niantic.

    Is that the calm before the coming storm?

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    @Fullzoom-PGO you will find the explanation (or rather, a reply) in the Bug Forum.

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    I have already seen this...but this is a different story...

    Niantic still has not told us what we did wrong and how they will handle the situation.

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    Just a random thought, but there was a recent post complaining about Ingress players in Germany making what might be viewed as potentially abusive title edits to make it easier to sort portal keys.

    I wonder if this sort of behaviour could be linked to these bans, rather than a bad word filter.

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    I had that thought the other day, too, especially since it was centered around Germany.

    I really hope that Niantic doesn't consider this abuse enough to warrant a 30 day ban with no warning, though.

    For what it's worth, though, with no explanations from Niantic (or @NianticCasey-ING) we're left to speculate this which leads to wild theories.

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    Thank you for your posting, every thought is nice to read. Of course that’s not OK what they did, but adding the city name to titles should not trigger this suspensions for reviewers. Also I think that I never had anything to review from this area, it’s too far away from me.

    Furthermore this is from end of March, but some people here mentioned that they did not review since 2 months or longer. So I don‘t know if there could be a correlation.

    @NianticGiffard Could you please give us an update on your investigation.

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    the only ones that should be penalized are the people that add " Fulda" to every Waterhole in the Fulda Area.

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    Thanks at the point but that's different from here.

    So let's be honest, how long do you need to look something like that, 72 hours or almost 80 hours around where nothing came out unless we look.

    Please now for real clarification. Most of it is delayed here and one simply expects a clear statement of what is going on.

    I personally find the wrong way towards evaluators and players.

    As evaluators, we want to know what's going on and Niantic can't even give clear positions.

    In the meantime the number of players has collected the 30 days bans (surrounding area about 50 km in 

    Wiesbaden and other cities and they are also at a loss. Increased by 70 people and that with the same email as with me and without any real reasons and also after some did not vote for 3-7 weeks.

    Can you wake up there please ?? !! Time is wasted here in my opinion.!

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    I don't know what it was like in Fulda. But the addition of town districts or town names was not used by many players to sort their keys (then the town would always have had to be in front), but as "protection against theft", so that other towns/town districts could not simply push these Wayspots to themselves (when more than 30m were still possible). In Fulda it was perhaps just old behaviour.

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    Is there anybody in there?

    Just nod if you can hear me

    Is there anyone at home?

    Come on, now




    I need some information first

    Just the basic facts

    Can you show me where it hurts?

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    I have a feeling that you might end up with the same high quality support as this thread, I hope for the best for everyone involved in both threads

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    At least the problem solves itself after 30 days when the ban is lifted...


  • Elijustrying-INGElijustrying-ING Posts: 5,278 Ambassador

    i wouldn’t be surprised if once the ban is lifted you find the rating has slumped.

    It would be worth trying to get clarity on that.

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    I might know now what the abusive description was.

    There were fake POIs where someone Requested an edited which claimed that these are fake POI. After some research I found out that this claim was correct. E.g. Fakes Stolpersteine. What should we do if we get an edit of a fake POI, if we can not skip it?

    An answer would be appreciated.

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    I still don't know what i have done wrong...

    Like i said before...i never cheated the system.

    You still owe me an explanation!

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    Nochmal auf Deutsch:

    Vermutlich geht es um Edits, bei denen der Titel und oder die Beschreibung bearbeitet wurde zu. Das ist ein Fake oder ähnlichem.

    Ich kann mich jedenfalls daran erinnern, so was bekommen zu haben. Das es Fakes waren, habe ich sogar geprüft. Es waren Stolpersteine, die falsch gesetzt waren. Jedenfalls hätte man augenscheinlich die Bearbeitung nicht zustimmen dürfen.

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    Ich kann mich nicht an einen solchen Edit erinnern...

    Hier werden die Falschen bestraft!

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