70% of my Pokestops nominations are generic Children's Playgrounds which leads to cooldown


About 70% of nominations that I've got to review are lookalike children’s playgrounds. I live in country where people select them as pokestops because there is little to nothing interesting in more rural places. So, when I reviewing them, I do have certain patterns which I use, most importantly: while choosing the amount of stars in each category. For example, if there is actual playground, no other pokestops around, the photo is decent and place at least looks fine and safe, I use the same ranking while giving it a green light. Which is, no surprising, leads me to cooldown from reviewing, because system detects me as a bot or something.

The question is, how I can improve my reviewing technics? There is so much of playgrounds in my feed here, I can’t see anything to change in my answers. In my opinion, it’s the devs who should consider tuning this timeout feature, if I select the same type for most of my assigned nominations - but I might be wrong.

Any help?



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