Resubmitted appeal: Invalid Wayspot (private property) with more evidence

Resubmitted with more evidence per a request from @NianticGiffard in previous thread:

Title of the Wayspot: Ådö Fisken


City: Ådö island, Vårdö municipality, Åland Islands

Country: Finland

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

Satellite image of the portal/wayspot in question showing the location of the wayspot being at the building.

Satellite imagery from the same spot showing the cadastral boundaries at the area of the wayspot. This property (941-410-2-64) is a private property.

Photo obtained from the location of the wayspot.

Close up of the photo taken from the location of the wayspot.

Certificate of the registered ownership of the property, an official document acquired from the official registry of National Land Survey of Finland.

Additional information:

This wayspot "Ådö Fisken" is located on a private property, at a summer residence to be more exact. The actual image of the wayspot is a close up photo of a felted wool fish that can not even be found at the location (unless it is located indoors).

The 2nd photo shows the cadastral boundaries of the area. This shows the boundaries of a property (941-410-2-64). This information is acquired from the National Land Survey of Finland (

The 3rd photo shows the porch of this summer cottage, the location where the wayspot should be located.

The 4th photo shows a close-up of the name of the owners on top of the main door.

The 5th document is an official document (Lainhuutotiedot = certificate of registered ownership) acquired from the NLF Finland. It shows that this private property (called "Panorama") is a private estate ("rekisteriyksikkölaji" = type of registration unit, "tila" = estate) and that it is co-owned by two people with the same last name that stands on the top of the door seen in the 4th image.

Unfortunately there is no possibility to go take videos or photo spheres to a private property according to our law (Finnish Act on the Protection of Privacy), and that is also a reason why this wayspot on private property should be removed. The official documents and evidence presented here should however be a proof enough to retire this portal.



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