Wrong location by Niantic - [ŠRC] Playground "Brda 1"

Title of the Wayspot: [ŠRC] Playground "Brda 1" (Playground and street workout "Brda 1" back then)

Location: 43.522609,16.470189

City: Split

Country: Croatia

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: N/A


Additional text and pictures:


Writing this as I want to warn Niantic about them putting a portal to wrong loaction after returning it to the game.

It is portal named "[ŠRC] Playground "Brda 1"" (43.522609,16.470189) and the portal's name before the name change was "Playground and street workout "Brda 1"" (43.52236,16.470514). The portal was reported by an agent because he thought it was invalid however after providing some valid proof, the portal got restored, but on the wrong spot.

Here are pictures with the portal in question and 2 nearby portals (as for an example):

This picture clearly shows the correct location:

And this is the satellite view of one part of the sports center which explains what is what:

By taking a closer look you could literally see a slide.

The correct location would be on location (43.522554, 16.469980). I'd happy if you moved it there.

Looking forward to hear from you soon. Thank you.



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