Wrong Location Edit «‎"Зонтик детства" на ул.Ерофеева»‎

Title of the Wayspot: "Зонтик детства" на ул.Ерофеева

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=56.845956,35.905797&z=17&pll=56.845956,35.905797

56.845956, 35.905797

City: Tver

Country: Russia

Good day! A portal has been moved from its exact location. A letting abuse has been made. The playground in question is visible from the satellite photos and the photos I am attaching to you.

I ask to be able to restore the original location.

Thank you!

Real(original) location: 56.844920, 35.907425

Wrong location: 56.845956, 35.905797



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