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Upgrades not stacking

vbunny5-PGOvbunny5-PGO Posts: 8 ✭✭

Hello, I have been working on stacking my upgrades as of recent. As of May 17th 2021 I had earned one upgrade already and I had no new or old nominations pending. Today May 19th about an hour ago I just earned my second upgrade. However my profile still shows as only 1 upgrade available. I believe this has to do with the issue that occured on May 19th with nominations showing up as duplicates and supporting info was missing.

I use wayfarer plus and usually get a notification I have been awarded an upgrade. I did not get this notification time. Im am really upset about this and will deter me from reviewing anymore. I have attached a screenshot of my my profile is shows at 2% meaning I just earned my second upgrade! Today is May 21st and this issue has still not resolved. My upgrade still shows as 1. I have not reviewed anything since May 19th.

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