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    Happy Monday. I am looking for a response on the promised 5 Upgrades. You said they would be able to go over the cap of 10 upgrades normally in place. However, I capped out at 10 and only got 2 of the 5 upgrades.

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    Its Monday again. Just wanted to let you know I still haven't received a response on this issue. Your original guidance said the 5 Upgrades received from the India Challenge would go over the "cap" of 10 for upto 15 upgrades. I had 8 at the time of the awarded 5 and only received 2 upgrades missing out on those extra 3.

  • Hi @AgentB0ss-ING,

    My apologies for the long lag before being able to address your question. The Wayfarer engineering team confirmed that you should have received all of 5 Upgrades, even though the display only goes up to 10. Any additional Upgrades over 10 would stack in the backend even though it appears as though you only have 10. Despite this, I've decided to add the 3 Upgrades to your account anyway.

    This display limitation is not a great experience, so this is something that they will be looking into addressing for future instances like this.

    Thanks for your patience and my apologies again for the delay.

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    @NianticCasey-ING I am sorry, but that is definitely not true that upgrades “stack on the backend” after maxing out at 10. A year ago my upgrade limit capped at 10, and I “lost” 8 upgrades with the rapid amount of agreements I was getting, due to the cap in upgrades. Could you please restore those 8 “lost” upgrades to my account too, since they didn’t stack on the backend? Thank you!

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  • Apologies for the confusion @zebromussel-ING, since the Upgrades from the India Wayfarer Challenge were added by the Niantic team, they do stack above the displayed limit. Organically earned Upgrades do cap out at 10, as you described.

    Hope that clarifies things!

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    First off I just wanted to say thank you for rectifying my situation and providing me with the 3 upgrades.

    I know you are just relaying the information from the internal engineering team but I made sure to take screenshots before and after the upgrades were pushed out because I wanted to be sure everything worked as intended.

    Original Screenshot:

    Screenshot Post India Bonus Upgrade Pushed:

    As you can see between those 2 screenshots, I received 2 upgrades. Based on your message above I should really have 13 with 10 visible.

    Stats as of Today:

    Between the 10 upgrades available and todays status I used all 10 upgrades and earned 5 additional. Below is the breakdown of the math. If I had "3" additional upgrades hidden behind the 10 my agreements should have gone up roughly 200 because that would be 2 earned upgrades and 3 given upgrades. However, in between, I earned 500+ agreements which accounts for the 5 upgrades earned.

    Breakdown of stats:

    Please note, these stats are from my Pokemon Go Account HeracrossB0ss which I don't use on the forums. Again I am greatly appreciative of you awarding the upgrades but please bring the feedback back to the engineering team that their 5 upgrade push did not work as intended and was not merely hidden. I no longer have a need to bump this thread but I am sure other users missed out due to this not being implemented as promised.

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