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Yesterday I got a strange mail:

Now the funny plot twist:

Nothing happened to my ING-Account - I can submit, review, and edit my nominations in wayfarer; especially right before posting this I sent out my 14th submission, 12 of the 14 after receiving this mail.

But my PGO-Acc can't acces wayfarer. Both accounts don't share any login method, ING has gmail (that received this message), and my PGO-Acc is a PTC-Acc, that only because of wayfarer connected to FB, and no other login method.

Now to the mail:

Neither did I use any codewords nor did I provide any "unrelated information". I had only two ideas, what could be meant by the statement with "trying to influence other reviewers to vote on your nomination in a specific way". Further there were no rejection mails with fitting rejection reasons in my mailbox.

1st: I use a very distinctive supporting information for hiking trail markers, example:

Hiking related wayspots encourage players to move and exercise. So Hiking Trails (depicted by their markers) are great wayspots according to wayfarers criteria and are explicitly enumerated as good candidates under the big criterion "A great place for exercise". Trail here: Zwönitzer Bergbau-Rundweg

There is no abusive aspect in there, it's only a explanation of the criteria for the reviewers, who reject hiking trail markers for example with "no safe pedestrian access" or similar far fetched rejection reasons. That style of supporting information (english instead of German, quoting the criteria, naming a trail like the old criteria wanted, providing a link) I've used for years now. Especially this on both, ING-and PGO-Acc - so that my guess is, that this causes the trouble, since my 2nd idea is ING-only because of the need of gallery access.

2nd: I'm using sometimes very mashed up picture collages with additional English text in it as supporting statements for very complicated candidates, that need a lot of knowledge about the criteria, AMA and/or local knowledge. So here the most tryharded example, that I created after receiving the 4th (?) rejection for a fully eligible 6* candidate with a very long wikipedia article:

Location: 50.619276, 12.680651

My support text:

Other mouth-hole wayspots: 50.622206,12.569206 ; 50.520268,12.777321 ; 50.435742,12.891895 ; wikipedia article about the mineshaft (title a bit different, because the wikipedia article uses the medieval short writing of the name Markus Semmler)

Website about the radon baths of Schlema:

As far as I know there is no official statement, that forbids this style of supporting pictures, otherwise please prove me wrong. Especially all the information, that is given in my MS-Paint-creation, is related to the submission and shall only outdo the concerns of the people, who simply reject because of the radiation warning sign, and I honestly try to prove evry statement there. There is no unjustified lie or anything abusive involved here - it's only tryharded, and that's it.

If I would have approved this wayspot in an abusive way, then I would put off my shoes, climb down the ladder to the mouth hole and remove the radiation warning sign. That would be much easier than submitting this thing 6 or 7 times, waiting for weeks after evry attempt, and finally creating this strange collage, where evry statement is honest and as good as possible proven, at least for thorough reviewers.

Btw, there are news to prove the safe access of that place:

The biking trail Karlsroute got extended, and now the biking trail crosses that point. At the moment a nearby former train bridge is under renovation to serve as biking trail bridge - so what i dashed red is the future trail. The other path is only todays diversion route.


So @NianticGiffard please tell me, what the problem is. I got no answer to my mail (code 13465242). I have no clue, what the problem may be, since I don't see, where I could violate any ToS. So any kind of suspension is totally pointles, unless someone tells me, what the problem may be.

Then there seems to be a lot of chaos, when recieving the suspension mail for my ING-Acc, but the PGO-Acc got suspended instead. So since my PGO-Acc is involved in this chaos, the most likely explanation for me is, that there is a problem with my hiking trail marker supporting statement.

So maybe the abuse in that case is way around: If this mail got triggered by people rejecting with the submitter-identifiable-rejection-reason, then please check, whether there are people from the faker towns involved, where I reported/appealed few hundreds of fake wayspots. (Schwarzenberg, Schneeberg, Scheibenberg, Bärenloh, .....). Maybe they flagged my nominations, because they could identify my supporting texts since I spread this style of trail marker supporting text in this forum as well as un our social media groups, and they know, that these submissions could come from me.



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