Several Graffiti Portals Removed in Shanghai, China

There used to be some really cool wall of graffiti at the art district in Shanghai, but unfortunately they were all removed to make space for a new development. Below is a list of portals that for sure have been removed. Probably there are more on the street but I didn't have time to document them all.

No. 1

Title of the Wayspot: Miao


No. 2

Title of Wayspot: 香蕉


No. 3

Title of Wayspot: Alien


No 4

Title of Wayspot: 飞车


No. 5

Title of Wayspot: Yichang 2


No. 6

Title of Wayspot: Life and ****


City: Shanghai

Country: China

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

The graffiti's used to be in this location, they can be seen in this photo sphere from 2016:

And in this photo from around 2018 when the site was under construction. You can see the graffiti wall at the bottom of the picture.

But the building has now been finished and the wall removed. This is what the area looks like now:

Additional information: Out with the old, in with the new. The graffiti were quite famous locally but I suppose they couldn't last forever. Pity. The new building is pretty cool though, I'll need to submit that as a new portal soon.



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