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Edit Abuse Report

I was reviewing and came across an abusive edit.

Wayspot name: William Stead

Location info: 54.525635,-1.552742 Darlington, UK.

Screenshots of abuse:


This is a mess. The edits claiming that it's false/nonexistent are obviously abusive (they should've used the report invalid wayspot feature in game or posted here if it has been removed), as is the location edit to move it away from the building that it is meant to be located in. Sadly, whilst I've been to Darlington many times as I have family up there, I can't confirm if this sculpture exists in this pub, though because the pub is named after the person in the sculpture, I would say it likely did exist at that location at some point in time, but I cannot say whether it's actually there now.

On top of this, the picture seems to come from a third party source. A Google search provided me with this image which appears to be identical, except that the picture in the wayspot is cropped a bit. So regardless of whether the sculpture does or does not still exist at the location, it should not exist as a wayspot with this photo.

@NianticCasey-ING @NianticGiffard @NianticGray can you please look into this mess and take appropriate action?



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