Correting POI position

Title of the Wayspot: Rathaus Thannhausen

Current Location: 48°16'55.4"N 10°28'15.0"E

Real Location (entrance to the building): 48.28227802036946, 10.470346521539193

City: Thannhausen

Country: Germany

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: I'm moving more then 10 meters, so I can't request ingame.

Photos to support your claim: ;

Additional information: moved to be outside of it's actuall cell so it could create an addition POI, marker currently placed on a supermarket's parkinglot.



  • NianticGiffardNianticGiffard Posts: 5,248 admin

    Insufficient Evidence, resubmit Appeal - Thanks for the appeal, Agent. Due to insufficient evidence, we’re unable to move the Portal in question.

    If you have additional evidence to share, please submit a geotagged image and a 360° video of the POI original location and we’ll take another look.

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