Invalid wayspot appeal

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Title of the Wayspot: Беседка "Отдых"


City: Khimki, Russia

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

This portal locates on territory of rocket engines testing center the most dangerous place (marked red) of russian rocket engine manufacturing named NPO Energomash (marked blue). The official site is Please see picture. bellow

You can also find published security policy described hazard of all manufacturing itself (see screenshot of this documents bellow)

This documents starts from declaration (marked yellow): "АО «НПО Энергомаш» осознает свою ответственность за возможное негативное проявление результатов деятельности по эксплуатации опасных производственных объектов" that means in English: "NPO Energomash JSC is aware of its responsibility for the possible negative manifestation of the results of the operational activities of hazardous production facilities".

You can easily find on satellite picture the two flammable tanks nearby the portal.

Additionally to this I believe in case of any disaster or fire it will also interfere with the work of emergency services.

So this portal should be removed from portal from network. Please remove it.

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