Playertag abuses in wayspot's descriptions (Jegum, S&S, Notri, ...)

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Nametags in wayspot titles or descriptions seems to be a thing for people with small... body parts.

I discovered some of them lately during reviewing and because of their massive appearance in some areas, I would call it abusive behaviour. Maybe just deleting the descriptions won't stop those people, trying so hard getting their player/real name in every submitted wayspot. They won't barely notice it but will get on our nerves again and again.

Leon Burghardt

He named a playground after himself and proudly presented it in our wayfarer community.

Leon Burghardt Spielplatz -> "Ein Spielplatz für Kinder und Jugendliche. Der Spielplatz wurde 2003 von Leon Burghardt erbaut.",9.506182&z=15&pll=51.312634,9.506182


@LukeAllStars-PGO reported this player multiple times (see or and there are still wayspots left or new with his/her name in descriptions. Looks like only a warning can stop this wayfinder.

Picture from

Geheimnisvoller Windstein -> "Steinstatue vom Künstler Sascha Jegum",8.559462&z=15&pll=54.576291,8.559462

Flak L70 -> "WW II Flugabwehrkanone Ausstellungsstück Kaliber 40mm // hergestellt 1922 in Jegum. Bundeswehrgelände ohne öffentlichen Zugang.",10.56795&z=15&pll=54.366813,10.56795

Pelikan FAMILIE -> "Skulptur von B.L. Jegum",9.943519&z=15&pll=53.577105,9.943519

Tibargcenter Säule Papenreye -> "Uhr mit schöner Jegum-Kugel als Verzierung.",9.956168&z=15&pll=53.611604,9.956168

Children Statue -> "Skulptur "Kinder von Jegum" des Kieler Bildhauers Jens Gafft, 1968",10.12844&z=15&pll=54.349731,10.12844

Decorated Facade -> "Blau-weiße Fassade im Stil von Jegum, beliebt in Eimsbüttel Anfang der 1900er.",9.94345&z=15&pll=53.575539,9.94345

Bunte Fassade -> "Fassade im Stil von Jegum, beliebt Anfang der 1900er. Klassische blaue Farbgebung mit floralen Elementen",9.94269&z=15&pll=53.580652,9.94269


He/she/they set this playertag at the end of every wayspot description. I found 37(!!) and reviewed another yesterday.

Wayfarer Review of "Pavillon Hranicak Moldava"

Picture from

Cyklistický rozcestník,13.892914&z=15&pll=50.727767,13.892914

Moldavský fousáč,13.656182

Restaurace u Bizona,13.655691

Cykloregion Krušné hory,13.601562&z=15&pll=50.710741,13.601562

Informační cedule horniny / Gesteine / Rocks,13.859527&z=15&pll=50.689061,13.859527

Studánka na Moldavě,13.664697

Rozcestník u kostela,13.648283

Kříž Mezi Stromy,13.671835&z=15&pll=50.72112,13.671835

Hřbitov Dolní Moldava,13.648316

Studánka pramene Bouřlivec,13.710618

Moldava 1875 / Moldau 1875,13.659827

Po stopách středověkého sklářství v Krušných horách,13.685796

Po stopách středověkého sklářství,13.627775

Pomník těžby fluoritu 1957-1994,13.657465

Informační cedule ptáci / Vöglen / Birds,13.861798&z=15&pll=50.69118,13.861798

Pomník Františka Koubka,13.687029

Řád jezera Milada,13.940334&z=15&pll=50.630204,13.940334

Hájovna Jedlovka - 750 m n. m.,13.748544&z=15&pll=50.693563,13.748544

Pomníček Immaculata conceptio,13.666603

Altánek Mackov / Matzdorf,13.605504&z=15&pll=50.70482,13.605504

Altánek u Moldavských rybníčků,13.652406

Lovecký zámeček Lichtenwald,13.559136

Informační cedule - Moldavský potok / Fluss Mulde,13.681911

Ehre Gottes 1765-1815,13.645433

Lesní altánek,13.682196

Johann Georg Rutolf 1763,13.654823

Willkommensschild - Sächsisches Erzgebirge,13.600941&z=15&pll=50.710073,13.600941

Přírodní park Loučenská hornatina,13.69118

 Žebrácký roh - 765 m n. m.,13.601843&z=15&pll=50.709681,13.601843

Hraniční přechod CZ / DE Grenzüberschreitung,13.687992

Torzo sv. Antonína,13.656091

INRI - Ježíš Kristus na kříži,13.647819

Informační centrum, Česká pošta a OÚ Moldava,13.687963

Kostel Navštívení Panny Marie,13.647372&z=15&pll=50.71951,13.647372

Aktivizace rekreačního krajinného celku,13.703643

Boží muka Panny Marie,13.914601&z=15&pll=50.574563,13.914601

Socha svatého Jana Nepomuckého,13.926693&z=15&pll=50.599737,13.92669


neuer Brunnen,10.460479&z=15&pll=51.207349,10.460479

heueröder Pestkreuz,10.298601&z=15&pll=51.164573,10.298601

Brunnen Volkenroda,10.573364&z=15&pll=51.252356,10.573364

preußischer Halbmeilenstein  (photo turned to side),10.471767&z=15&pll=51.201437,10.471767

Kirche Görmar,10.494675&z=15&pll=51.213175,10.494675

Thomas Müntzerhaus,10.454524&z=15&pll=51.20981,10.454524

Alter Brunnen,10.562243&z=15&pll=51.14808,10.562243


Sporthaus Seebach,10.507773&z=15&pll=51.162515,10.507773

Görmar kreuz,10.488871&z=15&pll=51.213764,10.488871

Rathaus Großengottern,10.562601&z=15&pll=51.147957,10.562601

5. Wachturm Hoher Grabe,10.453783&z=15&pll=51.211307,10.453783

Altes Landgericht,10.454867&z=15&pll=51.203483,10.454867

Carl Steinhäuser Denkmal,10.454833&z=15&pll=51.211611,10.454833


alter Herrensitz,10.452764&z=15&pll=51.209543,10.452764

Pathologie Pfafferode,10.405457&z=15&pll=51.210647,10.405457

Klinikselsorge Pfafferode,10.39912&z=15&pll=51.211156,10.39912

brunnen ammern,10.449902&z=15&pll=51.235992,10.449902



Furthermore these two and more wayspots around are double, fail and fake:

Wayspot pictures are from old houses but the location shows only new built single homes, so all are definitly on private property:

Wandbild kleiner Junge -> "Schönes Wandbild welches 2001 vom ortsbekannten Maler "Notri" erstellt wurden ist.",12.292663 // private property, shop's window

Fassadenschmuck Neptun -> "Neptunsbüste welche 1907 vom bekannten Bildhauer "Notri" an die Hauswand gemeißelt wurde." ->>,12.291738 // private property, architecture in photo doesn't fit architecture of the house

Fensterschmuck nackte Buben,12.292432 // private property, architecture in photo doesn't fit architecture of the house

Stuck-Verzierung Pizzabäcker,12.292761 // private property, architecture in photo (garage on private property) doesn't fit architecture of the house (house with big front door)



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