Editing the description with the intention of changing the position



City: Takehara


The person who requested this description edit is suggesting that the POI title be changed. When the editor actually went to the site, he instructed to change it because the name is not accurate.

However, the name of the sign and the POI title match, and it seems to be an inappropriate editing suggestion. It also instructs you not to select the text you requested for editing, which seems to be an attempt to hide the editing suggestion itself.



  • Hi @SturmRugerLCR-PGO! We have reviewed the report and have taken action on the Wayspot and the Wayfinder in accordance with our policies. While we are unable to discuss our actions in detail to protect the submitter’s privacy, they may include, but are not limited to, sending a warning message, placing restrictions on their Wayfarer, Pokémon GO, or Ingress account, putting their account on probation, or placing a temporary or permanent suspension on their Wayfarer, Pokémon GO or Ingress account.

    Thanks for helping us maintain the quality of the Wayspots.

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