Third back-to-back 4 day cooldown.



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    I just got the "well done" message for the first time, so I guess I can't review for 3.5 days. 😔 For the record, my Wayfinder rating is still in "great". I can't remember what nomination preceded the message but I don't think it was a honeypot or a difficult review.

    Based on previous responses, it seems very different from the direct cool downs for having too similar reviews or reviewing too fast, but clearly there are more nominations in the queue. My theory is that Niantic thinks you have submitted too high a percentage of reviews out of the available nominations, so they enact the 3.5 day waiting period to let other reviewers "catch up", ensuring the reviews are being received from a wide range of reviewers so that no single reviewer has too much sway. This would explain the encouraging "well done" and "great job" messages by Niantic while others continue to get new nominations to review.

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    It happned YET again. @NianticGiffard

    I got out of cooldown , and reviewed EXACTLY 80 submissions in a span of ~3 hours. Thats an average of ~2 minutes per submission.

    And im shown "Your contributions are game-changers!"

    This is my FOURTH ban. I will not be able to review till Sunday.

    And this time i removed all 3rd part plugin, cleared my browser cache and reviewed AS SLOW AS POSSIBLE.

    Please tell me what am i doing, that i keep getting this?

    Should i review only 50 per day? 40? Is there a specific count per day?

    @NianticAaron @NianticAndres @NianticAtlas @NianticCasey-ING @NianticGiffard @NianticGray

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    And if it is actually the end of queue, if i change my Home location now will new nominations come?

    I know for a fact that many have tried this, and it still showed end of queue for the next 3.5 days


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    I'm wondering if this entire thread should be moved out into the "Report A Bug" forum for visibility and better tracking by the Niantic folks. @NianticGiffard is that possible by someone on your team? Simply from the fact that @ashwingj-PGO's research and research of others on the issue has found multiple threads sharing the same common concerns, whether it's by design or not, it should have more follow through and healthy discussion in one spot instead of spread throughout different topics. It is definitely something that is a huge annoyance as of late. If it's by design, the nearly four days wait period that it takes to get new nominations to review seems a bit much, and occurring far too often for some of us. We need to come up with a solution. I think all of us that review agree that we feel that we're being punished with a four day wait period for reviewing all that we can. Yet, on the other hand, those that get the anomalous cooldowns or who are really doing nefarious activity are only "punished" with the four hour or 24 hour cooldown periods whatever those may be. I enjoy reviewing Wayfarer submissions and desire to review more, but always hitting the end-of-queue after the small amount of reviews we go through makes it unappealing to participate.

    @ashwingj-PGO you seemed to have researched this pretty thoroughly, I appreciate that, it's helped me learn more about what has been occurring, thank you. If this can't be moved and if someone chooses to post something out in the report a bug forum I would later add my two cents to it and upvote it, I would hope others experiencing this issue do as well. If this thread cannot be moved, and one of us that is affected by this chooses to make a new post, I would take the recommendation from other's comments, which is focus on the end-of-queue verbiage and avoid using the term "cooldown" since they are both separate things. From what I've gathered with all of this is that the end-of-queue messages simply means "There is nothing left for you to review, please wait up to 4 days for an adequate amount of nominations to be added to your queue and you will be released to review more." Even though we think or have high confidence that there should be more to review. Cooldown would mean, "you are going too fast, or are doing something funky that makes us think you need to chill for a bit, are you a bot or not" If we approach it using the term "cooldown" at all, even though that's what we all call it, it comes across as we've been breaking rules and are looked at differently.

    From my experiences in my separate life, we should also share meaningful thoughts on how it could be improved. I know how easy it is for us to vent our frustrations, and demand action, but as a community we also need to offer Niantic reasonable suggestions for improvement. In turn the Niantic folks should take those into careful and reasonable consideration and respond. We need active communication from both sides to solve a problem, or to improve what is by design in order to meet the needs of everyone.

    Some of my suggestions for Niantic include:

    Limitations by hometown, bonus, and activity based locations

    • Further increase the nomination review radius that hometown, bonus, and activity locations fall within.
    • Release additional simple and easy edits, e.g. photo, location, title, description, etc., or nominations of those nearing the end of their voting verdict from a broader area to help fill our review gaps. Those, if done right, and by the right people, could still maintain integrity and quality of the submissions.

    End-of-queue awareness

    • Consider shortening the amount of time we are stuck in the "end-of-queue" waiting period.
    • Adding a reviews remaining counter, so we can be ready for the end-of-queue messages while we are actively reviewing.
    • Allow more reviews to trickle in instead of having us wait the four day holding period before we are released. When I get stuck in these four day wait periods, I would rather do one here and one there than just fume over not being able to help support the Wayfarer community.

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    There is a bug report on it

    I have reached the actual end of queue in the past and would get a few (3-5) new nominations after about 30 minutes so this 3.5 day “end of queue” is different.

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    Hi @SuccinctSarcasm-PGO , that was very well put and your suggestions would really be welcome.

    As @Stephyypooke-ING said, there is already a bug thread. And @NianticGiffard commented on that thread stating he would come back with more answers, but that was around 3months ago.

    Since majority of Wayfarer community is participating in Russian Challenge, I decided to open a discussion here to gain more attention.

    Also, your suggestion to not use the word cooldown/ban seems right. Maybe we need to phrase it as "incorrect end-of-queue message" that lasts for exactly 3.5 days each time. Although to be fair, it really feels like a punishment and hence the use of word ban.

    @Stephyypooke-ING , I never got a single nomination after the incorrect end-of-queue message. It has always lasted exactly 3.5 days.

    @NianticGiffard @NianticAaron @NianticAndres @NianticAtlas @NianticCasey-ING I am terribly sorry to keep tagging all of you, but I am really upset and frustrated. Getting four back-to-back "incorrect end-of-queue message" which lasts for 3.5 days each, really does not make reviewing a fun experience.

    Last session, I was more worried and stressed about getting this message than actually enjoy the review process.

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    Hi, back again with few new observations

    Since my last incorrect end-of-queue message, I decided to ONLY review 50 submission per day. Since then I have not once got the incorrect end-of-queue message. Either there is some flag of set number of reviews during a specific period or something else is at play.

    I've also noticed that I get "Please retry your request" once a while after a "picture review", where we need to select the incorrect picture.

    This happens almost every 2 days, and its ALWAYS after a picture review. I do not click retry and directly logout. I start reviewing after waiting for an hour, and then I don't see it any more.

    Any new updates? @NianticAaron @NianticAndres @NianticAtlas @NianticCasey-ING @NianticGiffard @NianticGray

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    to be precise: it should be configured as 5 000mins (~83.33h ~3.47d), =300 000s and i still believe, the point is in seconds/miliseconds understanding (no one refuted). often times are configured in ms. mb someone tried to write 5min cooldown = 300 000 ms, but ups...

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    And confirms that it is indead the end-of-queue message and was in no way a cooldown or a ban, which is exactly what I've been saying all along. The fact that Niantic fixed a bug that prevented the queue from being repopulated for 4 days is a different matter and shows how not calling something by its proper name can obsucre the real problem.

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    Im going to put this very simply you are wrong here. Regardless of the intended function it was a 4 day ban/cooldown. There are plenty of times people got this after only several reviews. It wasn’t ever a true end if queue. So stop acting like you called it. It was a huge issue and you kept down playing it as if people just hit the end of queue for 4 days.

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    No, you were completely wrong. "having the same affect" is not the same as an actual cool down or ban. It's like complaining that you got sick on spoiled oranges, but when the cook looks, you were never served oranges, but you did have apples. But when that fact is point out, you and many others doubled down on that it was the oranges, not the apples, that got you sick. This is why Niantic would never acknowledge there was a problem. You were all pointing in the wrong direction all along.

    @NianticGiffard or @NianticDanbocat, I think this topic has gone on long enough. People are going to insist on being wrong dispite what was posted earlier and ridicule those who point out the error.

  • Thanks for the discussion! We've recently addressed the issue of 4 days cooldown that should help reduce such occurrences.

    Please note that if the system detects anomalies in your review pattern, it may impose a cool-down. This cool-down is of different types.

    We have implemented various steps to counter reviewers not following the guidelines while reviewing nominations or edits. We are taking action that includes but is not limited to tanking their profile stats, disabling the Wayfarer privileges, banning their in-game accounts.

    Having said that, I'll close the thread for future comments, thanks for your understanding.

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