TheSilphRoad encouraging players to join the challenge now that rewards are garunteed



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    I agree with this. This challenge got folks in my local area more excited about wayfarer than almost when access rolled out to PoGO players. Did many of them do a handful of reviews and call it a day? Yes. Did others review like they've never reviewed before? Also yes. Even though I live in the midwestern United States (very far from Russia), many of us were noticing much more movement on nominations that had been stuck for months/years, as well as earning upgrades and agreements faster than normal.

    To add to the gatekeeping comment, I think it can be dangerous/toxic to have a "minimum" amount of reviews that one has to complete in order to get rewards. For example, if I was a native Russian wayfinder in a hyper-rural area, I might only get a couple of nominations to review before legitimately running out. Should that wayfinder be penalized for not reviewing more? Absolutely not! Should they get fewer rewards? Nope!

    In addition, while I would argue the Russia event was better advertized as a whole (compared to India and Poland), and was more seamless to participate in, I don't think most people caught wind about it until the very end of the event due to poor advertising and recruiting on Niantics end. Are there some folks who knew about it the whole time, and hopped in at the end just for rewards? Sure, but I do think that the number would've been less if Niantic would have advertised the event more.

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