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Title of the Wayspot: BRK Gerichts- und Spielhaus

Location: 50.178037,8.920727[ https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=50.178037,8.920727&z=20&pll=50.178182,8.920741 ]

City: Bruchköbel

Country: Germany

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Photos to support your claim:

Photosphere: https://goo.gl/maps/GmVtq8nwtxLa8tXa7

The photosphere shows a newer version of the information board. I'm assuming the current wayspot image was submitted a few years ago when the older versions were around. To make it easier to compare that it is just a newer version, I am adding a picture of the new version. The first part is more or less a new formulation of what can be read on the old information board. I posted the text under the pictures. You can also clearly see the grey framework. [I should hand in a new picture for this Wayspot...].

Old information board:

New information board:

Text on the old information board (sorry, just a google translate)


Gerichts- und Spielhaus

Ehemaliges Gerichtshaus für mehrere Ortschaften der nördlichen Grafschaft Hanau deshalb Gerichtsspiel und auch "Spielhaus" genannt. Es wurde gelegentlich auch als Festhaus benutzt. Auch war das Brennhaus hier untergebracht. Wiederaufbau 1684 durch Conrad Emmerich.


Court and playhouse

Former court house for several localities in the northern county of Hanau therefore called court game and also "play house". It was also occasionally used as a festival house. The distillery was also housed here. Reconstruction in 1684 by Conrad Emmerich.

Text on the new information board (sorry, just a google translate)


Gerichtshaus Spielhausgasse 4

Gerichtshaus für mehrere Ortschaften der nördlichen Grafschaft Hanau. Daher Gerichtsspiel und somit Bezeichnung als das "Spielhaus". Gelegentlich auch als Festhaus genutzt. Zudem war das BRennhaus hier untergebracht. Es gehört zu den ältesten Häusern Bruchköbels. Wiederaufbau 1684 durch Conrad Emmerich.

Fränkisches dreizoniges Fachwerkhaus mit Mannfiguren [... der folgende Text ist neu]


Court house at Spielhausgasse 4

Court house for several localities in the northern county of Hanau. Hence the court game and hence the name "Spielhaus". Occasionally also used as a party house. The burning house was also housed here. It is one of the oldest Bruchköbel houses. Reconstruction in 1684 by Conrad Emmerich.

Franconian three-zone half-timbered house with man figures [... the following text is new]

Likewise, e.g. at the wayspot "Ehemaliges lutherisches Schulhaus" ("Former Lutheran school house") can be compared, which has both an old and a new version of the information board as images: https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=50.178548,8.921099&z=20&pll=50.178625,8.921358

Additional information:

The correct position is around 50.177838557151006, 8.920796501038044

I suspect the mispositioning was not a malicious intent on the part of the submitter. The building on which the sign hangs is the historic "Gerichts- und Spiehlaus" [maybe "court- and playhouse"? - the word "Spiel" (play/game) does not come from "spielen" ("to play") here, it is a modified form of the word "spell", which means something similar to the English word, that there is talk here (e.g. council meetings etc.).

The house itself gives its name to the corresponding alley: "Spielhausgasse". The building where the Wayspot is currently located is the "Neues Spielhaus" ("New Playhouse"?). Today a venue for events, celebrations and gatherings used for various purposes.

To make it confusing for local submitters as well, the "Neue Spielhaus" is often just called the "Spielhaus" (and I'm sure a lot of locals don't know that it's not the "Neue Spielhaus" that gives the alley its name). Therefore I suspect, also due to the age of the sign, that the submitter took the picture on a discovery tour via Ingress and then assigned it incorrectly when submitting it later.

The new version of the information board also includes a house number that makes identification easy.

In addition, it can be compared on the official overview of the "Historical City Tour" that the Wayspot is currently incorrectly located on building no. 3 (Spielhausgasse 1) and belongs to building no. 4 (Spielhausgasse 4). https://www.bruchkoebel.de/fileadmin/user_upload/Tourismus_Sport_Freizeit/Stadt_und_Stadtteile_erleben/Historischer_Stadtrundgang/pdf/Flyer_Historischer_Rundgang_Bruchkoebel_-_Kernstadt.pdf



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