Four valid nominations voted as duplicate

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All of them in Rome, Italy:

Title of the nomination: Grande alberone

Location: 41.836399, 12.476890

Title of the nomination: Barcamatta

Location: 41.836395, 12.476018

Title of the nomination: Giò Caschetto

41.837900, 12.475866

Title of the nomination: Buffoplano

41.838272, 12.474925

All of them got voted as duplicate, while none of them already existed as a wayspot. Only 3 wayspots in the nearbies are: Gufo Luneur (park's mascotte), Ruota panoramica (wheel) and Tyrannosaurus Rex (skeleton). They look completely different, yet some ignorant wayfinder voted them as duplicate. I've been to other amusement parks (PortAventura, Tarragona, Spain, and Rainbow Magicland, Valmontone, Italy), and every attraction and roller coaster is a wayspot. So I'm trying to do the same.

This is map from official website:

There 4 attractions all have their pins on google maps, and link to prove their existance:

Grande Alberone:


Giò Caschetto:


Since I'm fed up with ignorant wayfinders giving duplicates to new portals and rejecting valid ones, I kindly ask you to take actions against them (I'm not the first and I won't be the last one asking for it), and if you can please cancel their duplicate status. At the same time, I kindly ask you to remove these photos from nearby portals, since they don't represent what's written in their names.

Thank you so much for understanding.

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