(edit added) not participating in any more wayfarer challenges

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Due to :

  • The lack of proper communication from Niantic's end
  • lack of clarification regarding home/ bonus location (most important)
  • Unequal reward distribution
  • I play both games, same email id , got upgrades only, some got no rewards
  • Lack of clarification regarding what one needs to do to be eligible for the challenge
  • No announcement from Niantic regarding user issues even after 48 hours of challenge completion

Now I am stuck in Russia for one year, since I changed my bonus location.

The consequences of participation outweigh the rewards , I was naïve, never again.

Edit : received rewards , pokemon go rewards added automatically(?), Ingress rewards via email, Upgrades added in wayfarer account

Only one question remains : Why was home location ( which is permanently set and not editable ) allowed to be changed, despite in previous wayfarer challenges bonus location was the one that was allowed to be edited. There is a continuity problem, I hope you realize

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  • FerriZapdos-PGOFerriZapdos-PGO Posts: 6 ✭✭

    This is also going to be what I do going forward. The experience of not receiving any rewards despite taking part in the challenge has been the most frustrating experience I've had with the game. I even encouraged my local community to participate in the challenge. Never gonna do that again.

  • Dragunov091987-PGODragunov091987-PGO Posts: 56 ✭✭✭

    Personal opinion:

    People took their time to help Niantic by reviewing in order to improve the game (with the eyes set on the reward, of course. Nobody would do it for free on a place that, mostly, has nothing to do with them), only for it to be a total waste of time.

    No rewards either in-game or on wayfarer and, worst of all, no answer from Niantic.

    In the end, it was more of the same "hey, help us and get a reward!" only for when you should receive said reward you get nothing. Literally.

  • neoflashone-INGneoflashone-ING Posts: 8 ✭✭

    At this point , I don't even care about the rewards. I find time to review without motivation of any reward ( I have Platinum medal in Pogo and Onyx in ingress) , for the sole benefit of helping my fellow wayfinders . I just want my bonus location set to a location where I can understand the language and have cultural knowledge of that place , so I dont have to google. If this isn't breach of trust I don't know what is

  • SeaprincessHNB-PGOSeaprincessHNB-PGO Posts: 1,542 Ambassador

    I joined the challenge after the first goal had been met but before the 2nd was met. Though I agree that information about the challenge was not publicized as well as I would have liked, I was able to find the posts from Niantic employees that outlined how it worked.

    I was able to do a few days worth of reviews, saw some great submissions in Russia and earned 3 or 4 upgrades for my own submissions before the rewards were applied. My area in the US has gotten 4 new gyms this week as a result of increased reviewing activity for the Russia challenge.

    I got the rewards in my GO account without any fanfare - they just showed up. If I hadn't gotten notification from the WF discord, I wouldn't have realized that they were applied in my game. That could be better, but whatevs, I got them.

    I'm moderately pleased with the way the upgrades are rolling out and being applied in WF. It seems like we are getting 1 per day applied. That gives me enough time to make an Upgrade Next selection so that I can kinda control how the 10 Upgrades are applied.

    TBH, I feel like many of your problems were user error but you're blaming Niantic for them.

  • neoflashone-INGneoflashone-ING Posts: 8 ✭✭

    The improper reward distribution is user fault ?

    The abrupt ability to change home location (which is known to be fixed permanently) is user fault ?

    In previous wayfarer challenges bonus location were allowed to be changed , in this one its home location...there is no continuity

    I disagree with your opinion

  • Dragunov091987-PGODragunov091987-PGO Posts: 56 ✭✭✭

    Don't waste your time. There's people that no matter what the company does it's always "user's fault". Even if said company makes as many mistakes as Niantic does (new POGO update and Shiny Galar Ponyta being the most recent). In this case, it's easier to ignore those people instead of risking losing brain cells due to their "chill".

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