Why are so many Invalid Wayspot Appeals posts not answered even ?

I notice many Invalid Wayspot Appeals are not even getting a single reply from Niantic, i myself posted an appeal since 3 days ago, full evidence a portal does no longer exist but not a single reply, what to do ? so many posts not getting even a reply..... ?


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    A wild guess: an unofficial sabbatical week. Well..allow at least workdays. I'm not speaking my heart out, though.

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    no i see many that are not answered.. .what gives? i dont understand

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    I see this as two different issues. There are many reports that are now well over a month old with no comment from Niantic, which is a problem. On the other hand, you have a report that was answered 4 days after it was posted (2 business days considering the weekend), which is quite reasonable for these things.

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    3 days ago? Have more patience please. The processing time varies from 1 day to 1 month, with an average of 1 week, which is totally acceptable for me. If it exceeds 1 month, make a reply so that Niantic employee could notice the post.

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    No. Considering the amount of new appeals created every day, whining after merely 3 days, even if working days, is undoubtedly disrespectful and hypercritical.

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    The ones that are disrespectful are Niantic.

    If they don't put enough people to work on Wayfarer the only outcome is that queues grow, people get bored, same stuff is nominated several times in Wayfarer, in the forums people post again in their own threads to "keep them alive", but the facts about wether a wayspot is valid or not doesn't change.

    Each report should be handled in one working day at max: they get the post, look at it and then request further info or approve/reject it and that's it.

    The fact that anyone can think that the current status is "normal" and attack other people that see the reality is awesome.

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    This is not attacking other people. This is be practical and realistic. A 72-hour-business-day time window is very common in modern IT system. I don't see any problem with OP's case, while there indeed exists problems with reports on the forum that were not reviewed for too many days but this is not OP's case and thus I don't understand the essence of complaints here made by OP.

    And it's about fairness. I see Niantic employye reviewing invalid portal appeal post every day and thus "so many posts not getting even a reply..... ?" tends towards the extreme. My invalid portal requests are now generally reviewed even much faster than they were in 2020. Wayfarer forum moderation is not good enough as you said but is much better than Ingress support in terms of effectiveness. If OP can tolerate the ineffectiveness and inefficiency of Ingress support and keep driving other players away from Ingress forum, preventing them from manually getting special attraction by niantic staff for specific case, by urging them to seek help (which they won't get) only from Ingress support channel like this:







    for which we know does not provide much help except sending canned response within 1 week and closing the tickets but not solving problems, then why would it be a problem here for his/her case not reviewed within just 72 hours that was on holiday, and already calling for a post to get prioritization for his own case? While other players staying the invisible queue was still waiting?

    I personally am OK with invalid posts to get reviewed within 1 week because there are abu.sers in my area submitting invalid portal removal requests with fake and forged documents for which I need addtional time to notice their appearance and refute them. And this gives me extra time to upload all necessary supplementary documents because there is audit of new comments with media files. I don't require a portal removal request to be done instantly, as it does not make much difference for 1 day or 1 week, considering the fact that they might be there already for quite a long time. What you are complainning is not about efficiency, it's about the system design and transparency and you shall complain from top-down, not about time of review. It's problems of system design that leads to so many invalid portal appeals.

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