Shouldn't the upgrades have been applied all at once?

I received 10 upgrades for participating in the challenge on my Pokémon GO and Ingress Wayfarer account. Although having far more than 10 non-upgraded nominations pending on both accounts, only two of the 10 upgrades applied automatically on my Pokémon GO account and only one on my Ingress account. The other upgrades just stacked on my accounts and did not apply to the available nominations.

I tried to mark nominations as "Upgrade next", but the upgrades still did not apply.

Shouldn't the upgrades randomly apply automatically all at once? Has this also happened to others?

Will they be applied some time?

Example from my Ingress account (Same player name as the PoGo account i use to log into the forum): The one upgrade that applied and the other nomination that i marked as upgrade next. The filter is set so that only nominations in queue and in voting are shown, you can see on the scrollbar that there are plenty of possibilities to upgrade.

You can see that the other 9 upgrades simply got stacked.



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