In queue for 2 months


I want to ask for help, because there are at least 3 mysterious places in our city. Nominations hang in queue or in voting there for several months.

Unfortunately, we can't remove them and submit again. New ones freeze in exactly the same way. Only way is push them through an upgrade, but this method is not suitable for everyone.

This affected several trainers and agents in these areas. In other areas nominations pass as usual with the same accounts.

Approximate coordinates:

1 -,37.4851315,20.75z

2 -,37.5165058,21z

3 -,37.662366,21z

Affected accounts:






Samples (there's a lot of them, mostly was upgraded already):


  • Draxado25-PGODraxado25-PGO Posts: 15 ✭✭
    edited April 2020

    what i found out while watching the progress of my submissions and some other of my pogo community (we have a shared database of them) is that if there are already submissions in voting from other players in the near of your location, yours won't go into voting until the others are processed.

    i had it quite often that some submission went into voting really fast while another right next to it stayed in queue for the next months. hours (or 1-2 days) after this one was accepted/declined, the other went into voting. all of those were submissions in a city. the ones i submitted for my village went into voting really fast as there were spread out over a larger area, excpet for a 6 of which 2 went into voting until today. the others are still in queue.

    i have submitted 14 wayspots in a village next to mine (with now a similar density of wayspots to mine) for some friends. all of them are queue since mid december (except one which i upgraded, which got into voting one week after upgrading and then needed ~12h to be accepted). the difference to my village is that over there the player base is a bit larger but most of them are already lvl 40 and can submit, which isn't the case in my village (only me, my family and my neighbours to my knowledge, but only i submit things).

    a friend and co-worker has the same issue as you describe. submissions stay in queue for an endless amount of time, but as soon as they are upgraded they are processed (and quite fast sometimes). but he lives in a city with quite a large pogo player base for just his district and a quite active ingress community (who helps them with submitting).

    so as a conclusion: there is no help unfortuantely. you'd have to wait or upgrade. this sadly is how the system works and i assume niantic won't change anything, because to me it seems quite fair regarding the distribution of submissions all around the world so no place gets neglected.

  • Shinigo-PGOShinigo-PGO Posts: 1 ✭✭

    What it's considered near by?

  • cmonineedaname-INGcmonineedaname-ING Posts: 15 ✭✭

    Could they be in a different size 8 s2 cell? I have a line here where the west side takes 6 months to a year on average, but nominations east of there only take a week. It's because the system uses portal density to determine what's "rural", and it makes different areas move faster/slower than others.

  • MizukiKaine-INGMizukiKaine-ING Posts: 24 ✭✭

    Yes, upgrade always helps, but not everyone want to review nominations. Many people say that the problem is in the suspended submissions, with which there's nothing to be done. It's sad.

    Not really. All frozen ones are from urban territory including city center. And they located in 3 different level 13 s2 cells. Other nominations fly very quickly outside of these cells.

    And, it's weird, but 5 old nominations went to voting at once today. All from different areas. Of course, it is possible that the review suddenly ended for nominations in these cells, but this is a rather strange coincidence.

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