Niantic operators validate 2 portals in the same 2D location (3D separation only). Now allowed?

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I recently submitted an invalid appeal for a portal that I thought did not exist. Niantic operators reviewed my appeal and found its real location somehow in the vicinity (not very close, moreover!).

Problem is, in this location, there was already another portal. The one already at the location is a pediment above a building's door. The one that was mooved here is the building's door. In other words, one is exactly on top of the other. In 2D, there is zero separation. To remedy the problem, the operator who moved the portal artificially placed it so that it is not in the same place as the other one.

I know that sometimes two or more portals are validated for the same building, for example the particular stained glass of a large church, and the church itself, or its bell tower. But it's easy to put each item in the right place without cheating on the location.

There, not to mention the fact that it is an ordinary building and not a famous monument, it is impossible to place each element correctly, since the two are exactly in the same place... except if we think in 3D! In that case there indeed is some meters of separation.

Is this an error from the operator who moved the portal, or can we now validate two portals in the same place, by slightly shifting the position of one of them? For example, if two educational panels are placed one above the other, can we submit the two of them separately by shifting a little the position of the second one?

Here are the wayspots in question:,6.154285&z=17&pll=46.196716,6.154285 and,6.154346&z=17&pll=46.196684,6.154346


Note that these portals are not involved in any ENL - RES war. I'm just curious about Niantic's policy on this!


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