Wayspot removal appeal: Roundabout Himmeli

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Title of the Wayspot: Roundabout Himmeli

Location: 62.256176,24.707526

City: Keuruu

Country: Finland

Portal GUID: e85b15ca1d1a44e5ae49edb9ba518d18.16

Intel link: https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=62.256176,24.707526&z=15&pll=62.256176,24.707526

Hi there,

I'm agent daawg from Resistance Finland and I'm here to appeal the removal of the portal/wayspot titled "Roundabout Himmeli", which has been incorrectly removed by someone.

Roundabout Himmeli was one of the first portals in the city of Keuruu. It was an iconic portal loved by both Resistance and Enlightened, and a symbol for the city of Keuruu for both Ingress factions. The portal itself is a huge hanging-decoration statue made out of steel. It has both high historical and cultural value to the people of Keuruu. It is a huge landmark, and one simply can't pass through Keuruu without seeing it.

I have appealed the removal of this portal/wayspot by Ingress chat support, and they asked me to direct my appeal to this forum.

The portal is indeed located in a roundabout as the title says, but an underpass goes _directly_ below it and it can be 100% safely reached by any and all players. I'd like to refer to some two FAQs regarding portal height here: 


>Q53: Regarding the policy that you must be able to reach out and touch a wayspot for it to be safe, does this disqualify objects/paintings on the outside of buildings that are too high to reach from the ground?

>A53: The policy page says “Regardless of any other criteria, if a nomination doesn’t have pedestrian access it is not eligible.” Height is not something that is explicitly considered. If you can safely reach the wall a mural is painted on, but the mural is 20 feet off the ground, that is fine.

>Q12: Would underwater portals ever be A Thing? For example the MUSA Museo Subacuático de Arte in Cancun

>A12: Interesting question. I think some exist already. We don’t take height into account. I personally don’t see a difference between summiting a mountain top with specialized gear any different than needing specialized gear to submit an underwater portal. Just my opinion though.


Please restore the Roundabout Himmeli. As I already mentioned, it is simply iconic. It is even pictured on the hoodie of Resistance Keuruu, as it is a symbol of the city along with the church of Keuruu. See attached picture (ignore the cat hair):

Thank you very much for your attention. Please restore Roundabout Himmeli.


Janne / daawg

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