The age range of Wayfinders

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Don't know if it's worth discussing, but does Wayfarer seem like it's just been watered down way too much to suit all ages? I'm sure everyone here has been more or less surprised with probably one of the strongest censoring and banned list of words which are even more draconian than Club Penguin. Also, the thought that there are most likely children under the age of 12 probably attempting to submit wayspots as well, and then having their nomination attempt rejected for s.e.x.u.a.l activity, are probably either just shaking their heads or laughing in hysteria. Also, the lacklustre attempt to explain how to submit a wayspot is so watered down to suit all comprehension levels that it actually says nothing.

I don't know. What is the average age range and distribution of Wayfinders anyway? Is it typically teenagers and young ones? Adults in their 20s? Or older? 99 years? Personally, I believe that the essence Wayfarer is geared and aligned more towards adults, but how watered down and censored these forums are makes me think this forum tries too hard to accommodate for the occasional (maybe frequent?) child/student who wanders onto these forums. As an Australian, I can't even call someone my m.a.t.e, I have to call them a friend instead. And we can't even talk about George W B.u.s.h. Not like we'd want to anyway. And the fact that just having ONE image in your post or comment must go through moderation which takes pretty much a day anyway. This same strict moderation does not exist in the other official forums.

Back in the early days of Ingress, you had to be 18 years or older to be able to play the game, mainly because of the exploration aspect which may endanger children, but the terms were quickly modified to the general 13, 14 or 16 years depending on the region. Maybe if there actually were Pokemon Go community forums, a lot of the heated discussions about S2 cells and the overflow that the Wayfarer forums cop would be diverted there. Or like, the **** mobs would probably congregate there. Strange how we have official community forums for every Niantic game except for Pokemon Go, which explains why Wayfarer is probably as pseudo as a Pokemon Go forum can ever get.

Is Wayfarer something that really should be excessively censored, and should there be a minimum age limit?


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