He have started ABC and numbering as they like. (Case at Koshi City)

Hi, @NianticGiffard .

I am writing to you because I have come across an application with an apparently unnatural title.

Nowhere on this wooden board is the letter "B". My guess is that this is the plate in the park where you go to the observatory square("展望台広場"). 

I suppose there are several plaques of exactly the same shape that can be used to reach the observatory square from different parts of the park.

So, yes, the applicant has started numbering them in sequence. On exactly the same plate.

I think the applicant intends to number them A, B, C, in that order.

This place seems to be Bentenyama Park in Koshi City, where there have been recent reports of abuse from other Wayfinders.

I noticed this when I looked at the Google Street View and saw that the handle of the person applying is exactly the same.

I understand that you are busy, but we would like you to investigate this applicant.

As an aside, what does the term "ブイズ普及委員会" mean?

I didn't know, so I did a Google search in Japanese.

It seems that it refers to Eevee and its friends.



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