About the outdoor stickers proposed for POI

The following POI suggestion is about outdoor stickers. There you will find a statement regarding the November 2020 AMA. The proposer states that they are proposing outdoor stickers because they believe they meet the Wayspots criteria for "best place to exercise".

Here's the thing: the proponent emphasizes in the supplemental explanation that "NIA staff has stated that trail markers guiding the course are appropriate targets.

However, as the link below shows, outdoor stickers deteriorate and peel off easily in a short period of time. In fact, these POIs have been removed.


◆There are three things I would like to confirm.

(1) Are these outdoor stickers POI compliant?

(2) Isn't adding the AMA's personal opinion to the supplementary explanation in this way "guiding the review", which is prohibited?

(3) This strain of suggestion is very often repeated, and I have seen more than one in a short distance, but doesn't it qualify as mass produced?

If it fits, please let me know because I would love to suggest it too.

In particular, I would like you to answer (1) and (2) clearly, because they are related to other cases as well. Thanks again, I appreciate it.

@NianticGiffard @NianticCasey-ING



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