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Hello All,

Looking for your thoughts on the new updates for the maps. The maps are pretty old and doesn't show up the newly added places in recently few months. I have been having challenges in getting the nominations added as the park, restaurants and places are not visible on the nomination maps but are present in the google maps.

Not sure how to address this but would really help as a lot of places have been updated and lot of new eligible nominations are waiting for be added to the game but can't be done due to the maps not showing them while nominating.


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    This isn't a pogo forum and not related to wayfarer.

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    That’s not up to Niantic or the Wayfarer team to update. You can submit updates on Google Maps or create a photosphere to show the location either with your phone using the Streetview app or with a 360 camera.

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    Did you read the post? He stated that on the nominations map (the one where you can check for duplicates and whatnot), things aren't showing up, yet they show up on Google Maps. This has NOTHING to do with PoGo.

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    He literally stated that these things ARE showing up on GMaps, just not on the WF nominations map. How would updating something on GMaps help when what he's trying to update is ALREADY THERE?

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    @Lonerider0009-PGO could you please post some examples to ENLIGHTEN the post? Seems like there might be some RESISTANCE towards your statement.

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    There are a couple of issues - the main Google map you see through the nomination process shows one thing and then when you drill down, it changes to a 3d-ish view that can show things completely differently. At this moment, I honestly can't remember which one is more updated. But I've been out in the field trying to nominate a POI, flipping back and forth between Google maps and the maps in the nominating process and come to the conclusion that I don't need to do a 360 photosphere because the item is viewable. Then I get home and look at the map view presented to me on the Wayfarer website (which is what reviewers will see) and it's completely different. The item is NOT there and I should have done a 360 degree photosphere.

    Niantic has never addressed how many hoops we jump through to make it effortless for reviewers to see the real world location of our nominations. If we don't do all this extra work to compensate for Wayfarer not using updated maps and views, our nominations are rejected. When it takes months to get a nomination in front of enough reviewers, this is super frustrating. If you don't have everything 110% perfect (yes, I know that's impossible), some reviewers will just reject because it's the easiest thing to do.

    The problems all compound. Updating the maps and views that Wayfarer uses will help reduce some of the bad rejections we get. It's a really simple way Niantic could show that they want to remove all barriers to make this process better.

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    The map that defaults when nominating is the top down satellite view, since that is the map most accurate for pin placement, in your area there might be newer "3d" satellite view, but thats not accurate for pin placement as its sometimes slanted.

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