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Need some assistance regarding these two nominations, both of which were rejected. Last year, I asked some reviewers on a Wayfayer Facebook group for their opinion on newspaper offices (especially ones that have served a community for a long time) and local radio stations, mainly because I have seen portals of such. I was advised that they would make good candidates as they fall under the same category as post offices, which is connecting people around the world (although in this case distribution/listening area, which is limited). Both of my nominations were rejected. No AMA to date has disputed the "connecting people" criteria to just post offices.

Below you will see the rejection emails, along with the supporting information and the supporting photo for these two nominations. If these do indeed meet the criteria on the same level as post offices, I am open to any improvements that are within my control.

Pharos-Tribune (newspaper office)

Supporting information: Newspapers connect people all around the distribution area while keeping them up to date on the news. To learn more about the Pharos-Tribune, visit this website:

Supporting photo

BONUS! Here is the original photo before I edited the brightness. I am not a fan of the color scheme from decades ago. A new facade would be better, in my opinion.

WSAL-WLHM-WHZR (radio station)

Supporting information: Radio stations connect people all around the listening area. Being local, services are geared toward local events and activities. The station can also be seen hosting fundraisers while providing coverage.

Supporting photo


  • Kuleisbjorn-PGOKuleisbjorn-PGO Posts: 112 ✭✭✭

    I've never encountered nominations of radio stations or newspapers and I haven't researched it, so I can't really help with that.

    However, I do have a few comments about the nominations themselves.

    1. Newspaper

    Photo: For me personally, the first impression isn't great, and it's because of the photo. The logo is barely readable because it's in the shadow, taken from a long distance and has a street light in front of it. I understand from the photo that this is the newspaper's building, but I would focus on the sign instead, because the building looks really generic. You're nominating the newspaper, not the building itself.

    Supporting photo: This is focusing on a highly trafficked road, that's not doing your nomination any favours. Take a supporting photo that focuses on the sidewalk instead (safe pedestrian access).

    Description: You don't have to explain what a newspaper writes about. I would end the first sentence at 1844.

    Supporting info: For me it would be more natural to focus on the cultural and historical significance.

    2. Radio

    Photo: Pretty much the same as the newspaper.

    Supporting photo: This looks fine.

    Title and description: Might be because I'm from a different country, but that title looks weird to me. Doesn't the Radio station have a proper name? I would go for something that's on the sign. I can see WSAL in capital letters, so maybe WSAL Local Radio, or something like that. You'll figure it out.

    Supporting info: Again, don't forget the cultural significance of the radio station!

  • djravenwolfe-INGdjravenwolfe-ING Posts: 4 ✭✭

    The problem I have is that we have an incline running through downtown, so I was trying to point that out in my supporting photo on Pharos-Tribune in case a rejection is due to the picture being tilted or sideways. It is 2 lanes and a bike lane with no parking right in front of the building, so I had to take the picture across the street. I personally do not like the color scheme on the outdated facade, so I agree it needs improvement.

    As for WSAL/WLHM/WHZR... that is 3 channels in one station: 1 AM and 2 FMs (classic hits and *shudders* country). However, names keep changing, especially whenever new owners come to town. I'm just trying to stick with the call letters as those are permanent and registered.

    But the cultural aspect... I just can't figure it out because it's more about connecting people, the same with post offices. That is what's tripping me up.

  • WheelTrekker-INGWheelTrekker-ING Posts: 2,663 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I agree that a newspaper and a radio station can be interesting PoI, but I wouldn't equate them to post offices, this is just my point of view.

  • wbguy88-PGOwbguy88-PGO Posts: 18 ✭✭

    The only issue I am seeing is the way the picture is taken. It seems alot of rejections are coming from the way a picture is taken. If possible not sure if it is, if you can stand in front of the name/logos.

  • Ochemist-INGOchemist-ING Posts: 315 ✭✭✭✭

    I think newspapers and radio stations are extremely culturally significant and great submissions. I'd have approved both of those as-is, but there is definitely a good bit of room for improvement with the photos as the others have said. I'd retake the one of the newspaper head-on and zoomed in. It's almost impossible to read it as is. I'd also take the radio station sign photo head-on. Both can be done from across the street if necessary and zoomed in. I do like your descriptions.

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