Remove Wayspot Photo

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Dear Niantic.

I would like to ask you to please remove the photos in the POI that I applied for a long time ago when I was ignorant and didn't know that they were out of the criteria for application.

The photo of me in this POI was not taken by me, but I applied using a photo from the city's tourism PR.

At the time, I was ignorant and thought, "It's a good POI, so it would be best to apply using a beautifully taken photo," so I thoughtlessly used that photo.

But later, when Operation Portal Recon started, I learned that such photos were no good. And now that there is a community where I can ask for them to be removed in this way, it is helpful for me to correct my past mistakes.

I apologize for making such a request to such a busy group of people, but I would appreciate it.



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