Editing battle for the Green Park (Case at Ibaraki-Pref.)

Hi, @NianticGiffard .

I have come across a strange editing of the description and would like to share it with you.

Title of the Wayspot:向原緑地公園


City:7-5, Hakusan, Toride, Ibaraki-Pref. 

River banks under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport




Original Photo

Now, here are some noteworthy explanatory notes.

These are written in Japanese, so let me translate them into English for you.



Mukaihara Green Park



86.5km from the sea.



86.5km from the mouth of the Tone River (behind Canon Toride Office)



None of these apply.


In (1) above, it is claimed that this is the "向原緑地公園(Mukouhara Green Park)".

Now, let's continue to open and refer to the PDF of the list of parks on the official website of Toride City.

Toride City Official Website

Park map No.4

"向原緑地公園(Mukaihara Ryokuchi Park)" is listed at the bottom left of the PDF.

This proves that this park is under the jurisdiction of Toride City.

Let's refer to GoogleMap.

The location shown is correct and this area squared in red is ”向原緑地公園(Mukaihara Green Park)".

The following image shows the location of this Wayspot in IntelMap.

Surprisingly, the Wayspot is not in the original location of "向原緑地公園(Mukouhara Green Park)", but rather in a drastically displaced location to the southeast.

Let's try this place at a different angle.

This place is just a **** which is part of the riverside.

Look carefully at the small sign (no parking) in this area.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) is responsible for the installation of this sign.

This means that the area from the road to the river, including the aforementioned Wayspot, is managed by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

next. now turn to point (2) above.

Enlarge the board standing to the right of the original photo.

Half of the text has disappeared, but it says in Japanese "海から86.5kmです".

In English, this means "86.5km from the sea".

It may be true that this place is that far from the sea.

But if you pause and think about it.

"**km from the sea" means, counting from the coastline.

Everywhere is "**km from the sea". Just like the shape of the coastline.

There, here, everywhere is "**km from the sea".

Wherever you are away from the sea, you are "**km from the sea".

Does it really qualify as a POI? In my opinion, it is not.

And I don't understand why someone would want to change the title from "向原緑地公園(Mukaihara Green Park)" to "海から86.5kmです(86.5km from the sea.)".

Rather, it is a matter of asking for the pin position to be moved, rather than requesting an edit.

As for point (3) above, it is probably the same as point (2) above.

The editorial content is worthless.

In fact, it may even be an abuse with a view to future editing of the title by editing the description.

It is a rewriting of what was originally ONLINE into something completely different.

There is no end to the number of applicants who apply for this "**km from the sea" label.

To my mind, this is a questionable application.

For example, it could be every 500m from an estuary, or every **km from the sea.


These are not special milestones.

They are not special places you should visit or recommend to your friends.

They are simply **km from the sea.

In Japan, the number of rivers covered by the Law on Rivers is specified as 21,149 in the 2019 document.

PDF (Japanese Only)

Official website of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

For each of these 21149 rivers, there is a **km board like the one above.

And, in the above example, in 500m units.

These are just commonplace boards, not necessary as POIs and not meeting any criteria.

This board is of the same type that exists in such large numbers.

So I don't think that (2) and (3) above are appropriate either.

Perhaps we should investigate the applicants for edits (2) and (3), who are deliberately attempting to edit the descriptions.

And maybe we should move the pin position at the current location to the real "向原緑地公園(Mukaiara Green Park)" as shown on GoogleMap. (However, this would mean that the Wayspot Picture is not a proper picture either.

I think this is a very complicated case.

However, I hope that you will engage in the investigation.



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