Accepted nomination's location moved and is now in the way

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Hi. 😃

I had a nomination accepted but the location has been moved in an unfortunate way. It is a tennis court in a park and I set location at the side/edge of the court - in coherence with Guidelines and common sense. The location should be reachable without players have to waddle around on the field/court itself, as to not disturb those who use the tennis court for its actual purpose. As I have experienced a couple of times before with other accepted new Wayspots, the suggested location was moved.

I would like to appeal this move, and have it reversed to the suggested location.

Please reviewers: Remember that Ingress agents have to be able to reach things in-game in a different way than in PoGo. This is why a properly set location is important. That it is not in the way of anything.

Title: Tennisbanen i hospitalsparken

Suggested location: 56.185713,10.236107

Altered/current location: 56.185674,10.236101

City: Aarhus (8240 Risskov)

Country: Denmark

Below is my suggested location for the Wayspot:

And here the edited and now in-game location, which is down a few stone steps and kinda in the middle of everyting - e.g. a tennis game:

I wish people would stop suggesting these 'bad moves'. There is thought behind the set locations, and it comes from respect for the intended activities in the various sites we nominate and for the people there who use those sites.

Hoping you at the Wayfarer team will let this go back to its sensible, suggested location. Thanks in advance. 🤞



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