abusive proposal to move locations (Case at Setagaya)

Hi, @NianticGiffard .

Title of the Wayspot:給田四丁目緑地


City:4-25 Kyuden, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo



It is written in Japanese, so let me translate it into English for you.



It is called "Lion Park" by children.





[Please don't select it for the explanation of the movement] 

I don't understand why, but the pins are located in the middle of the park rather than at the Pokéstop signs.

I would like to move to a position closer to the sign.

Please choose the side of the building closest to the sign.



None of the above apply to me.

As to (2) above.

The first thing I would like to question is the use of the editing function to tell our judges what to do.

The instructions tell you to choose the side closest to the corridor, but for some reason the suggested destination is a building(public restroom) just beyond the yellow line indicated by the IITC.

Are you suggesting a "pubric restroom" rather than a "sign" as the editorial proposer suggests?

Doesn't his argument make any sense at all?

Why has he designated this restroom against us and not the sign?

When I thought about the reason, it occurred to me that it might be to move beyond the yellow line at IITC.

The fact that he is planning to use a conventional public restroom as a Wayspot in the first place is laughable.

Please investigate this applicant.



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