Incorrect duplicated photo removal appeal

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Title of the Wayspot: [Multi Purpose Slide - 1 (Roshanara Park)]

Location: [28.671958,77.199413]

City: [Delhi]

Country: [India]

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information: There are two seperate identical looking but at different orientations and at a decent amount of distance apart, one with a board and other without it nearby as visible in the photos and the Google maps Satellite views in the possible orientations yet other nomination for multi purpose slide - 2 was rejected first time and then was marked as duplicate of the existing wayspot, maybe it occurred due to the dragged off location for the first one from its actual location after its review and approval, to rectify this our local community players have submitted the location correction edit for maintaining actual seperation distance. Kindly remove that newly added duplicated picture to this multi purpose slide - 1 wayspot so that other nomination can be submitted seperately again after the review of edits get approved.

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