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  • Shubhthegr8-ING

    @NianticCasey-ING Hi i want to change my hometown location Which i changed last india to moscow (russia)

    June 18
  • Spoiboy-PGO

    Hi @NianticCasey-ING

    I wanted to reply in the tread about the missing photo's when adding new nominations, but I can't seem to be able to post a comment, so that is why I try it here. I just wanted to confirm that it is still an active issue. I just nominated one in PoGo and it just shows a grey placeholder with a balloon.

    Kind regards,


    May 31
  • NianticCasey-ING
    You received 1,000 Insightfuls. The more you post, the more people like it. Keep it up!
    May 18
  • MagicalThorn-ING

    Hi, NianticCasey-ING.

    We came across an application from a high school classroom in Japan for a Wayfarer!

    You can see the faces of the high school students in the application photo and the supplementary photo.

    I would appreciate it if you could stop this application from going through the review process immediately.

    What should I tell you?

    I have already captured the review screen and I can tell you where to submit it and what the title is.

    I can also tell you the location and title of the application, which will give you a hint as to what the review is about.

    Wayfarer! Title: D3b

    Address: 3-chōme-13-19 Sumiyoshi, Naka Ward, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka 430-0906, Japan

    High School Name: Hamamatsu Johoku Technical High School


    Hamamatsu Johoku Technical High School Website URL


    May 18
  • thegame1745-ING
    • NianticGiffard
      Hi there! I have followed up with our team to prioritize your report. One of us will reply to the thread as soon as we have information to share.
  • Cheddar877-PGO

    I have nominations from 6 months back, and an upgraded nomination sitting for a month. There seems no reward for the effort made to improve the game.

    May 8
  • Dawiydi-PGO

    Hello. I have submissions from 6 months ago. What on earth can I do?

    May 8
  • StanLauren-PGO

    Lately my submissions have gone from being accepted/rejected in 10-14days to being stuck "in voting" for up to a month. I've got days where I've subbed 2 stops: one is now voting, the other still in queue.

    Is the issue at the review stage or have my uploads been corrupted in some way?

    May 6
    • DMA1993-PGO
      Same issue with my nominations as well.i guess alot of pogo players arent reviewing the nominations as much anymore because I use get them accepted in like a few days. Not anymore :(
    • Kyrsep-PGO
      Same issue, I have many submissions in waiting or voting queue. More than 15 submissions of last year. I find this too long. There should be a max. time
    • Jzitam-PGO
      Varying factors for this and currently am experiencing this myself as my entire community has gone from 5 days wait to one month wait before a stop is approved. This I believe is highly dependent on how accurate reviewers go about and also how frequently your nominations are reviewed.

      So no your nominations aren’t corrupted, just that due to persons being on cooldown or lots of differences in reviewers will cause this. And also the system could be bogged down with an overload of nominations and it’s trying to push through in an orderly fashion.
  • stephenstr1-ING

    Hello Casey! I took level 40 into Pokemon Go, failed the test 2 times. After a while I started playing ingress and took level 10. The test is blocked. Can I go through it and review the nominations?

    May 3
  • MrUglyProb-PGO

    Hi, I'm just disappointed about Niantic Wayfarer honestly, Niantic stuff doesn't even know what is really eligible and what is not tp become a PokéStop! I reported 2 times a PokéStop that is a classic normal Street Name Sign how we get tons on them in UK and Niantic said that the PokéStop was eligible... My Wayfarer rating are stuck on Fair from long time, few days ago I only reviewed 1 Stop and was a stupid tree, 100% not eligible, after few hours my Wayfarer percentage went up of 1% and my Nominations Rejected also went up of 1, this means that for your servers that tree was a valid request... Seriously? My Wayfarer badge in Pokémon GO are stuck on 25 accepted since the badge came out in game... I will never get that badge Platinum if my rating stuck on Fair and until the servers doesn't even understand what os really eligible and what isn't! Please fix it because is really frustrating to stuck for some stupid Nominations that are 100% not eligible but that the servers doesn't understand.

    May 1
    • okto345-ING
      Hi, if I may, having your Nomination Rejected count added by 1 from the tree means that the significant majority of other reviewers agree with you that it is a stupid tree (therefore rejected), and that adds to your agreement count (which is a good thing).
  • DineshDY-PGO

    I'm ban from Niantic Wayfarer but i can submit nomination through Pokemon Go account, i was banned at only level 5 in Ingress 4 years ago.

    I was submit ban appeal too but support replied that ban is parmanent, i request you please reset my account stats or if necessary delete my ingress account just simply give a permission to access Niantic wayfarer.

    March 24
    • TheZodiac007-PGO
      What did they suspend you for?
    • Murawmurawan-ING
      @DineshDY-PGO you've mentioned that you can nominate in-game even your account was suspended, what happens to your nominations? Does it still accepted in-game?