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    July 5
  • Raachermannl-ING

    Since Nia closed the thread, here an short answer to your question concerning Germany vs Streetview:

    In principle it's allowed to take spheres. The corresponding laws (copyright and so on) have enough degrees of freedom, so that single persons can do this without any problems.

    Even Google started their google car surveys like evrywhere else, and so there is official streetview available in the biggest cities. But since google is a company there are a few differences: so afaik google needs to ask the property owners, whether they want to have their property blurred or not, before publishing the sompany-created survey spheres. In most other countries google only has to deal only with requests for blurring afterwards.

    Google was not aware of that problem, when they started their surveys. Then there was a big resonance and lots of Germans wanted their houses blurred - google didnt want that additional work, so they stopped the streetview survey at some point here.

    Additional the German people are often very suspicious even if they see that you are taking photos of for example playgrounds or normal houses, for example for POI submissions. Older Germans smell danger and crimes, and may swear at you.... So creating a photosphere (with spinning 5min and taking lots of photos) is something, that you can do, but you often dont want to (if you dont have a 360° cam so that you are done within a second). Somewhere in the forrest - no problem to create a sphere. A playground next to a appartment block - never ever I would create a sphere there ....

    And I dont know, what happens, when Niantic as a company forces their players to take spheres - maybe the additional laws, that led google to stop streetview here, could apply to Nia then. But nethertheless - with the general refusal of Streetview within big parts of the German population I personally don't want to be forced to take spheres

    June 3
    • Maxyme99-PGO
      Thank you for really nice explanation, it's really helpful! I didn't know it was such big topic with bluring houes in Germany. It make sense why Google don't add more streetview, it would be so much work for them to blurry so many places.
      I understand now why Germans often don't make photospheres even if it's possible. I also know some areas where making photosphere could get you in trouble (people are suspicious just as older Germans ;)) so I perfectly understand why people are afraid of doing them in some areas.
      Your explanation was really helpful!
    • Maxyme99-PGO
      As for Niantic possible idea of forcing making photospheres for edits - I'm not sure if it could ever become a thing, as it required much more from phones than just taking photos and it would cause permament photospheres added to another company's website (Google Maps), so it might cause some lawsuit problems in the future.

      Now photosphere's are made by players free will, but if Niantic required to make photospheres and there would be some issues with them (like problem with personal information visible on them), it could be easly going on Niantic rules problem, and Niantic for sure wouldn't like that.
      I'm also curious what would be done if it would become a thing. But I agre with you, forcing someone to do photospheres if they don't want it is definetly not good idea.
    • TheZodiac007-PGO
      Thank you for this
  • BochumJules-PGO

    Yes it is possible to add 360 ° / Photospheres in Germany! I do that with all of my submissons and often also with the edits. ✌🏻

    June 3
    • Maxyme99-PGO
      Thank you for confirmation, it's good to know it's possible :)
      With your and Raachermannl-ING comment I got really nice confirmation and explanation about photospheres in Germany, I can definetly use this informaion in the future.
      Your comment was really helpful!
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