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Hey-o, I hope I am not posting in the wrong section! I'm a decently seasoned reviewer, with a couple of thousands of reviews already performed and a green/great rate rating since I started reviewing. Since I have a bit of time in my hands I started reviewing again last week, but it's three days now that I keep getting 4h cooldowns every 20-30 reviews. "A cooldown has been activated. We have detected some anomalies in your review behavior.[...]" As a disclaimer, I know my way around reviews. I am not the type of person that 1/5* everything and that's it, I often use the entire 1 to 5 scale at my disposal. If necessary, I always take my time to research the POI with Streetview or photospheres, I check for location accuracy and I always try to look online if the POI actually exists and follows the wayfarer guidelines. As I am decently proficient at it, and it takes no more than 40 seconds for me to scan the entire submission, considerably less if the submission is an obviously fake one or if I only need to do a position check or title edit. That said, how can I prevent more cooldowns to happen? It usually happens when I get spammed with location edits instead of proper submission to review, but I can't just take 2/3 minutes of my time for each edit and it feels like I am being punished for being decent at what I do. Thx in advance :)


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