40-y/o Tower Tagged Temporary

Supporting details: The Old Watchtower was built and used by local authorities patrolling the area in the mid-late 70s when Martial law and Curfew was in effect. It is a Historic Structure and a Good place for exploration. Publicly accessible thru ASA’s community Garden.

The same people who accept Jollibee Statue as a valid wayspot marks this as temporary. Sad having to burn appeals to get spots thru.

It was marked “Temporary/Seasonal or Not Distinct”.

Given that it looks permanent, that means reviewers likely selected this reason because they felt it was not distinct.


To continue that thought from Tntnnbltn, i lean towards “not distinct” when i look at a photo and my brain asks, “what am i looking at?” You call this a watchtower, but from the photo it looks like the support on a bridge. I can’t tell that is a watchtower at all.