7 days and pois not showing up in game

Had 7 nominations accepted 2024-05-13, now 7 days later only 1 have showed up in game. All cells and rules have been upheld.

Would you be willing to share the names and coordinates of all of the nominations that haven’t shown up?

in game: Infotavle ved indgangen til Kongshøjskoven.

not in:

Mødested for Gul rute

Genvej Udover kanten.

Kategori 3 Orkidebakken

Gul rute med 2 muligheder.

Samlepunkt for gul rute

Gul rute mødes

56.998101, 9.924462 they are around this area in the Biking/Hiking area. i could poperly make a GPS for each but :slight_smile: