A deleted Weyspot has been re-registered at the same location with a new application

Hello everyone
Now, in December 2023, Weyspot, which was deleted after reapplying for deletion on this forum, was re-registered in the same location.
Since a number is added to the title, I believe that the application was filed as a “new” application, rather than an objection, and passed further examination. Also, since the posted photo is exactly the same as the one that was deleted, it is clear that the “same person” is the candidate who applied again. How is it that a Weyspot that was deleted for a solid reason is so easily reapplied and passed the review?

I can’t seem to see the post for which my past deletion request was approved, so I’ll briefly explain it again using photos from that time. If Niantic has an archive, please check it out. (Between December 2023 and January 2024)

Title of the Wayspot:
[Aeon Hometown Forest Tree Planting Festival NO.33]
Location: [Latitude 35.17318/Longitude 137.04940]
City: [NAGAKUTE city]
Country: [JAPN]

Previous Weyspots that have been deleted
Title: “AEON Hometown Forest Creation Tree Planting Festival Commemorative Sign”

Current Weyspot
The title has been changed to “AEON Hometown Forest Festival Tree Planting No. 33,” but the photo is exactly the same.

Comparison between the two (current on the left, past on the right)
It is clear from the shadows of the leaves that the two photos are exactly the same.

I believe that the reason why the deletion request was successful in the past was due to one or all of the following reasons.

1.Weyspot’s location is on the right edge of the photo (current photo on the left, past photo on the right)
The Zebra Zone is a parking space for emergency vehicles and indicates an area where parking is prohibited for general vehicles. In the photo on the right, you can see an ambulance parked.

  1. At that time, the plates were not attached to the ground and were lying flat.
    At present, the existence of the plate cannot be confirmed at all. (This proves that the insertion port of the lower right pole is in the same place)

3.This plate is handwritten with a magic pen on the board.
There is no guarantee that the name of the “applicant” or someone related to the applicant will not be added to this name.

I would like to confirm with Niantic

  1. I thought that once Weyspot was deleted, it would not be reinstated unless it was re-examined and approved on this forum. However, in reality, it seems that even if you just change the title and leave the photo, location, and description as is, it will be accepted as a “new application.”
    Is this case a mistake on Niantic’s part? Or have the rules changed?
    Will this Weyspot be an example where it cannot be deleted based on past deletion cases?

  2. Many Weyspots with the same design (different NO,) have been approved around this shopping center. All names are handwritten in magic ink on a white board.
    We can imagine that these Weyspot applicants are the same people as this applicant.
    If this person is a ``malicious person,‘’ I have no way of determining whether the names of the applicant or other related parties have been added to this name. Given this possibility, I believe that these Weyspot photos should not have been accepted as candidates, and should have been rejected for approval.What do you think?

Example: Aeon Hometown Forest Creation Tree Planting Festival Commemorative Signboard No.11

That’s all my question.
thank you

Hello everyone

It’s been three weeks since I posed this question, and I still haven’t received an official response from Niantic.

It is truly surprising that a Weyspot that had been problematically reviewed and was supposed to have been deleted was once again accepted for review, and even approved as a Weyspot again, simply by “partially changing the title” to “the exact same photo and recommendation.”

In response to my question, it seems that Niantic cannot easily “officially” admit such a system flaw (mistake).
I’ll assume so, and I won’t ask Niantic to respond on this forum.And I just want anyone who sees this post on this forum to be aware that cases like this exist.

I will once again submit a request for removal. And I would like to advise Niantic to issue a warning (penalty?) to the Weyspot applicant. I will do so. (I will explain the reason later.)

Title of the Wayspot: [AEON Hometown Forest Tree Planting Festival No. 33]
Location: [Latitude 35.17318/Longitude 137.04940]
City: [NAGAKUTE city]
Country [JAPAN]

On the left is the email sent on December 18, 2023 denying the deletion request.
On the right is the denial decision email I received on May 23, 2024 after submitting a new deletion request.

“Reason for requesting deletion”

  1. No longer exists (has been removed)
  2. There is a parking area for emergency vehicles nearby. (They can enter, but cannot remain there.)

[Proof that something no longer exists]
Weyspot’s presence can still be seen on Google Maps as of March 2022.

It is no longer present in the photos I checked taken from May to June 2024.

(Enlarged photo of the current situation)
A stick-like object can be seen in the photo, which is presumably where the Weyspot panel was attached.

It doesn’t even exist deep in the bushes.

(Past state)

Evidence photo from my deletion request in December 2023.

The panels were loose and laying on the ground. As they were not fastened to the ground, they may have been moved from another location. It is highly likely that they have now been removed.

  1. Zebra zone for emergency vehicles
    The yellow zebra zone on the left above is a space for emergency vehicles to enter, but even pedestrians cannot stay there. (The Weyspot sign is on the right side of the photo.) In the following photo taken in December 2023, an ambulance is stopped to transport a sick pe

With the above evidence in hand, we would like to resubmit our request to remove this Weyspot.

Now, here we get to the main topic.

Niantic, Your company is being taken lightly by this malicious applicant.

As for the first application, it is possible that the applicant applied without fully understanding Weyspot’s criteria and was lucky enough to be approved. I do not deny this possibility.

However, when it was pointed out that the Weyspot was incomplete, and Niantic acknowledged this and deleted the Weyspot, Niantic should have sent a “one strike” to the applicant. Or is that wrong?

However, the applicant ignored this “one strike” and, without even checking the site again, submitted a new application at the deleted location, using the exact same Weyspot photo and recommendation.

(Proof) On the left is a photo of a past Weyspot. On the right is a photo of the current Weyspot.
The way the panels are placed on the ground and the shadows of leaves hitting the panels make it clear that they are exactly the same photograph.

As noted in the new removal request, the proposed Weyspot panel no longer exists.
Considering that the Weyspot photos submitted have not been altered, it appears the applicant has not even checked the actual conditions on site.

I believe that submitting a Weyspot application under these circumstances constitutes “falsification” or “fabrication.”
What will Niantic do about this fraud? (Two strikes?)

Also, as mentioned earlier, this applicant has applied for and been approved for three Weyspot plates in the vicinity, on which the applicant can write the name of the applicant or an acquaintance in permanent marker.
(These are the exact same type of plates as this Weyspot.)
I cannot deny the possibility that fraudulent activity has taken place with these plates.

This malicious submitter is probably gloating to himself right now about Niantic’s poor judgment. Don’t you agree?
That’s all for my submission and comments.
Thank you.