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Hi, the other thread was (rightfully) closed, but I have to say what you wrote to me was hurtful and insulting.
I’m sorry to tell you all of your guesses were wrong about me too.
You have absolutely no idea what kind of life I live and sometimes people get so caught up in themselves and their struggles that they become totally oblivious to what others may be going through. Like you and partly our beloved Ambo as well just did.
It’s not okay. That did not make ME feel good.
I am not young…? I am certainly not healthy. But all of that is beyond the point.
I was and am trying to have a proper conversation about Wayfarer criteria and all the MASSIVE issues we have with Wayfarer usage these days. I am NOT in any way attacking people on the spectrum. Nowhere did I write anything remotely close to something demeaning towards people on the spectrum.

This forum is such a joke when people can just write that sort of crXp and some admin will come and close the whole thing so I can’t even defend myself.
Really am sick of it.

If people get to attack each other like that in here, well ok then let’s go. I don’t even care anymore.

Oh and btw Niantic games are about going out and exploring, they were never about hacking or spinning shXt from your couch at home. Or assisted living facility.

You two offended me and it’s not cool what you wrote. One thing is for a random forum member to act like that, but the “sigh princess”? Wow.

So done with this, enjoy your little echo chamber.

Delete all you want, whoever does it. This forum is just as much a joke as the old one. At least in the old forum, I knew I was making an account. :skull:

You’re the one who wants to delete appropriate waypoints just because you think they are somehow inappropriate! When there is nothing in the critieria to suggest that they are a sensitive location.

Wayfarer is not just about exploring. There are 3 criteria. Exercising and socialising can be achieved from a smaller area than exploring, and thats okay too.

Sweetie, I can’t delete anything - I don’t work at Niantic. I can only report stuff.
There is nothing in the criteria to suggest they are NOT a sensitive location; it’s a matter of perspective and ‘personal good judgment’, yet YOU can’t handle the difference in opinion and try to make it about me being f… against people with Autism!? So you decide to try and “read me” (and have to say you did a horrible job).
It’s completely uncalled for.
Thanks for the criteria lecture lol… Guess you just redefined the whole point of Niantic games, good job.

Oh and btw, Niantic have agreed with me several times about this and have removed game locations that were inappropriate because they were assisted living facilities on my request.

Can we all please chill and remain respectful.


@Xenopus Apparently not. I am not going to apologize for being attacked in another thread that got closed so I could not even defend myself. Some wild words and opinions were being put into my mouth that I don’t think or agree with at all. Please recognize how frustrating that is.
But as said, close all you want. It’s the forum way, it seems.

I have split this this sequence off from the thread it appeared in as it was not related to that thread.
I have not closed it but there is a clear difference of strong opinions.
I personally don’t think there is much value in continuing with the current tone of the exchange of posts which is unpleasant to read, but will let those posting try to reach a conclusion.
To allow time for considering responses this thread will be on a 1 hour cool down for an individual poster until tomorrow.
Please choose to respect each other and each others different opinions.

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I’ve just scan read through this thread and the other one, it seems there is a lot of anger here. Maybe we should all just take a step back and go back to basics. Ive had many nominations rejected, but I’ve tried again and some get through and some don’t, even on appeal. In essence it is best some times to just let it go and move onto the next blank canvas. There are plenty more S2s to conquer :+1:. And I didn’t really understand why some Waypoints were removed when it was important to get that one at the burial ground through…??

Again I’m free for any request of help in regards to nomination and reviewing. :+1:

Hey, I think this actually belongs in the post I made - not this one. If you have questions about the forest cemetery, I can answer them there. Thanks.

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