A step in the right direction

During my almost 4 years of doing Wayfarer, I have been very critical of the system and how things seemed to be handled internally at Niantic, and I believe I was not the only one feeling that way.

But to give credit where credit is due, the changes we saw in the last few months, notably with the introduction of machine learning, the reduced waiting time to get an answer, the improved help chat and the increasingly important role of ambassadors in the Wayfarer community, feel like a refreshing change.

So yeah, just a few words to say how pleaseantly surprised I am with those changes and to keep going in that direction. It shows the team is doing real efforts to improve the overall Wayfarer experience and those efforts definitely don’t go unnoticed. Keep up the good work :raised_hands:



Thank you for the kind words. We are glad that you feel this way :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you. It’s still not perfect. As with any system, changes introduce new issues to work on. But our hope is that the partnership between us Ambassadors and the Niantic teams helps surface those and puts a meaningful priority on them.

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Team and ambassadors are working for that. Lookomg for the excelense