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Title: vdbffb
39.765942, -86.170454
Date: April 9th 11:15 am
Additional: this stop was accepted by AI on photo alone. There was no title, description, or supporting info. By all counts, it should have been rejected. It was uploaded, and before I could go in and put it on hold in order to do updates, it was accepted. It is more than 3 hours away so cannot return to update.

Correct title and description below

Title: White River State Park Archway
Description: This archway highlights the entrance to White River State Park located in Indianapolis, Indiana. The park features miles of trails and plenty of green space. Seven world-class attractions are sprinkled throughout the park for families to enjoy.


I suggest you try help chat for this. Go to Niantic Wayfarer and tap on the chat bubble.

We have made adjustments to this Wayspot. You should see the changes reflected soon.