Appeal abuse or otherwise rejected report

Winthrop Rockefeller Bust
34.738227, -92.266482
Little Rock
United States of America

Depending on who reads this, some parts might sound familiar. This shows the photo and duplicate are 10 years old. That will be relevant. 10 years ago, Little Rock had the Arkansas Arts Center. Classes were held in a closed Neighborhood Walmart Center on Cantrell Road while this location had at least 2 things done. The Arkansas Arts Center was made larger but no longer officially exists. While classes were held on Cantrell Road, the name became Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts.
That brings me closer to the present. I had visited once more after the name change. I located this piece of artwork then. Last week, I visited again. This is located in MacArthur Park too. I visited each Wayspot associated with Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts. This is one that I could not locate. Since I was there, I explored the public grounds indoors and looked at artwork. Once I finished, I decided to ask at the front desk if either person knows where this is. I was told no or that is in temporary storage so the artwork can periodically displayd. If the artwork from 10 years ago is not findable, I consider the piece to be permanently removed. If that is in storage, I have some doubts.
I took no photos while there to help with this appeal. Had I found the piece of artwork, I do not care who nominated. I ask that you remove what I could not locate. If that requires a phone call for verification purposes, I have no problem with that.

Thanks for the appeal, @1Todoelmundo Due to insufficient evidence, we’re unable to take action on the Wayspot in question. If you have additional evidence to share like photospheres/ a 360° video, please submit a new appeal with additional information and we’ll take another look.