Appeal the Appeal - Horsey Palm Graffiti

Title: Horsey Palm Graffiti

Description: Located on the world famous seal beach is this palm graffiti. Artistic and hidden against the sea wall.

Location: England (52.757216,1.655423)

Supplemental Information:
Artistic and a hidden gem
This Photosphere Confirms Location:

Main Photo:

Supplementary Photo:

Appeal/Reject reasons:

Additional Info:
The appeal reviewer probably went on the default photosphere that predates the nomination where a later 3rd party photosphere clearly shows the nonimation exists at the location


Admittedly the pin for the POI could be shifted 5m NW closer to the wooden structure on the beach but inline with the wall.

I feel that the reasons for rejecting mainly come down to not being able to be confident in the location but I think there is enough evidence if prepared to click a few times on the map.

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This is a cute little tree! I can’t say for sure, of course, but I would suspect this wasn’t approved because it looks like it may be graffiti or artwork not commissioned by the city/municipality. That makes it more likely to be removed in the future. If it was commissioned by the city, I would encourage you to nominate it again and include an article or some other type of proof in the supporting info. You did a great job with the location photosphere!